7 Things You Must Know Before You Use Laser Hair Removal

The publication on laser hair removal has been on the rise. It is the use of laser treatments to remove unwanted hair from the various parts of your body. 


Even though this process is straightforward, it is not only designed for women who wish to be hair-free while on the beach. Several reasons motivate both men and women to go for laser hair removal. If you are thinking of going for laser hair removal, here are some of the things that you need to know before you choose the treatment. 

Think of Hair Reduction over Removal 

Laser hair removal gets rid of most of the hairs from the targeted area. However, it does not remove everything and hence you need to think about reductions and not complete removal. It is not possible to completely remove every hair follicle. 


Some people think that laser hair removal will get away with each single strand that you have on your body. The truth of the matter is that this will not be the case. 

You Will Attend Several Sessions Before Getting the Desired Results

During laser hair removal, you will use a device that passes a concentrated light beam over the skin surface. It targets a particular area where you want to reduce the hair. The light from the laser targets the region and safely halts and damages the growth of hair follicles. 


The laser system uses a series of highly repetitive pulses which increases the hair follicle temperature and that of the surrounding tissue. It allows it to destroy the hair from the source. You have to go through several laser treatments over a period of several weeks to get the desired results. 


It can take you a minimum of seven treatments to get the results that you desire. In every treatment, you will only loose close to 15% of the unwanted hair. Therefore, you need to attend several sessions before you can get to where you want to be.


Hair grows in three main stages and this explains why you only lose 15% of the hair. To disable the stem cell of the hair, it has to be in the initial age of growth. Laser hair removal is a permanent solution and you will enjoy the long-term results. 


It mitigates the need for waxing, hair removal creams and shaving. However, you may require additional treatments depending on your hair and skin type to attain the results that you desire.

Laser Hair Removal Can Virtually Treat Any Area 

When you think about laser hair removal, the first thing to come across your mind is smooth legs. However, you can apply laser hair removal to virtually any part of the body that has unwanted hair. These include the underarms, arms, back, face, stomach, neck, bikini area, and chest among others. 


If you apply ultra-sound gel to the area, it will help laser to glide across your skin and keep it cool. Most women who have the polycystic ovarian syndrome prefer to use lacer hair removal. The reason is that hair overgrowth is the main side effect of this condition.  


The hairs are evident on most parts of the body and are quite coarse. Therefore, dermatologists and doctors can refer several clients to laser hair removal clinics. The treatment will also help you to get rid of ingrown hairs. 

Expect Some Discomfort During Laser Hair Removal 

The process of laser hair removal is not completely painless. It is like getting yourself a tattoo but using heat this time round. Other clients also compare the level of discomfort to the one of being snapped with a rubber band. 


Darker hair tends to be coarser and you will feel the laser working more. Laser seeks out melanin while deactivating the hair follicles. Dark hair will require more heat and people who have light and fair hair are better. The good news is that hair that grows back after the laser treatment is always less and finer.

The Hair Type and Skin Tone Have an Effect 

The lasers that this treatment uses targets the melanin. Therefore, the hair types and skin that is in the extreme end of the dark and light spectrum are normally not the best candidates for treatment. 


If you have skin that is darker than the hair, laser will pick up on the skin color vs. the hair color. The same case applies if your skin is too light because it will not work so well. It does not also do well on hair that is blonde. 


Avoid Direct Sunlight Before and After the Laser Hair Removal Treatment


You need to avoid exposure to direct sunlight two weeks before and after the laser hair removal treatment. Exposure to sun increases the risks of scarring, burning, and skin damage on the targeted areas. 


If you are now cleared to go to the sun, use the sunscreens that have a high SPF. Keep this in mind when planning your laser hair removal around sun-filled travels and vacations. 


Even Though Most People are Great Candidates, Some Exemptions Apply


So many people qualify to go for laser hear removal with minimum exemptions. Those taking certain antibiotics and mediations with the side effects of skin photosensitivity cannot go for laser hair removal. 


If you are a cancer patient and have gone through radiation, you have to wait for a certain period of time before you go for a laser hair removal treatment. 


Besides, people with very light hair and very deep skin tones, and those with fine and soft hairs, are not the best candidates for laser treatment. 


Laser hair removal treatment is an excellent alternative for anyone who is searching for low-maintenance of hair. Techniques like waxing and shaving won’t leave you feeling hair-free like laser. 


If you feel like laser hair removal is all that you need, choose a clinic that offers the best care. Go for a licensed medic who has a comfortable and relaxed setting. A good provider will offer promises or guarantees about the results and treatments.