Laser Hair Removal: Things You Need To Know

Unwanted Hair:

Hair is as significant in the human body like anything. Although there is not much biological functioning involved with hair. However, it does affect how we and how the world perceives us a lot. We dye our hair blonde, brown, black, red and all sorts of colors. But most of us would agree that all this should be done for the hair on our head only. Because hair anywhere other than the face and the head is not ideal. In fact, people from ancient times have tried hair removal with ever changing technology and methods. Come the 21st century, cutting edge technology has enabled laser surgeries and other methods to be affordable by everyone. We now have laser surgeries that can remove all the unwanted hair on your body.

What is Laser Removal Surgery?

In the cosmetic industry, laser hair removal is the medical procedure in which light beams are focused on your body. These light beams are on an intense heat level and therefore, damage the hair follicles. These hair follicles are tube-shaped sacs within our skin in which hair is produced. This is done by the dark pigment called melanin inside the hair that converts the transmitted light into heat. This heat then travels down to the follicles. Once we damage these sacs (follicles) to a certain extent, we ensure delay or inhibition of future hair growth.          

Cosmetic dermatologists are experts in human appearance, particularly the skin. These are the people that ensure that your procedure is carried out okay and that there are no complications. You can find experts who can carry out your laser hair removal in Dubai in an efficient manner. Furthermore, you will need to make sure you follow certain guidelines and pre-emptive measures. These are the necessary precautions and facts that you should know before you go for this procedure.

How It is Carried Out:

  1.     The procedure demands proper sterilization of the area where the doctors will perform the procedure.
  2.     The expert will hold a handheld laser device and move it across the skin following the hair. 
  3.     Once the procedure is over, they will apply a cooling gel along with an antibiotic cream. This is to completely minimize the risk of infections.

You can be done with the surgery in an hour. Doctors prefer using local anesthesia and recommend a recovery time of 1 week. Just know that you will have to get the procedure a couple of times to see permanent results.

Necessary Things to Know:

Hair removal is a procedure that is for anyone. It is not just for a specific gender. It is not even for certain areas of your body either. You can get a full-body hair removal or even specific parts of your body should you deem it so. However, as exciting as the idea is, the procedure is a bit complicated. You need to make sure that you don’t have or are going to do the following in the time around your surgery:

 You shouldn’t be pregnant:

There is no telling what the procedure can do to the child inside your body. Therefore, it would be problematic to go for surgery during the course of your pregnancy. It would be better if you could wait till you have your delivery and think of getting the procedure after a while.

You shouldn’t be breastfeeding:

Even after you’ve given birth, it would still be impossible to get laser hair removal surgery. Because now, your body is producing the nutrients that your baby gets via the breast milk you’ll feed. Although the procedure is safe for your body, it could have some adverse effects on breast milk. Therefore, it would be best to consider your child’s safety first.

You shouldn’t have skin diseases:

If you already have any skin related problems or diseases such as acne or anything, notify your doctor. Laser surgeries such as this one can be drastically problematic if you already have a skin disease. A lot of people might consider their little mole to be nothing worth mentioning to the doctor. But please understand that your body can be at risk by not exercising a little bit of precaution. The disease can worsen or even contract new ones.

You shouldn’t have chronic illnesses:

You should notify your doctors if you have any chronic illnesses as they can also be difficult to workaround. To clarify, no one will be willing to take the risk associated with the fact that the illness might worsen. Make sure to notify your doctor so that they can try to figure out some alternative procedures.


All in all, the laser hair removal surgery is not that big a deal. However, if you have any of the above complications, it is mandatory that you tell it to the doctor. Again, it’s your body and nothing is worth the risk.