Large Oversized Mirrors: The Many Uses You Didn’t Know About

If you’ve got a large space and a modest budget, a large oversized mirror might be the perfect solution for bringing light and airiness to your room. They are cheap, easy to install, look impressive, and can be found in almost any home improvement store. 

We often associate mirrors with the bathroom and bedroom, but they can be used in any room of the house to achieve an effect that’s either subtle or dramatic. In fact, oversized mirrors and glass wall panels can be perfect if you hope to make a statement in your living room or dining room. They are also great for hallways or stairwells because they make these spaces appear larger. Apart from that, there are several ways in which you can use these mirrors to add character to your home. 

Here are some ideas on why you should use oversized mirrors in your home.

The many uses of a large oversized mirror

  • Live in the limelight: If you have a small room, you can make it look bigger by bringing attention to a specific area. In this case, you can place a large, ornate mirror that will reflect light on a wall opposite it, making the area appear brighter. A mirror hung on the wall opposite a window will bounce the light coming through the window. In fact, this reflects the view outside, giving you a better view of the outside world. Likewise, if you have an area that you want to hide, placing a mirror on top will make it less prominent.
  • Make your space look bigger: If you have a small room, you probably dream of increasing its feeling of space. Mirrors are an excellent way of doing this. A large oversized mirror hung on a wall can make a small room appear big and a large room feel as though it has been divided into two smaller rooms. The effect is even more dramatic if you use a mirror with a bold frame. In fact, placing a mirror on one wall of a long hall makes the room appear wider.
  • Benefit from natural light: Rooms with a lot of natural light are generally warm and inviting, but sometimes during the summer months, the light can seem too harsh and the heat a bit too much to bear. In such a case, you can install glass wall panels opposite a window to bounce a bit of the light back into the room, without actually letting the harsh rays pouring in. This a great way of making the rooms appear brighter without suffering the wrath of the sun.
  • Adding art and drama: If you have a large wall space behind your sofa or bed that you’re not sure what to do with, an oversized mirror can be a great way to add drama to the space. If you have a large wall behind a sofa, placing a mirror on the wall will make the room feel much larger. If you want to make a bold statement, you can use a mirror with a dramatic frame. A large, ornate mirror behind a bed adds to the illusion of a floating bed. In fact, glass wall panels look grand, no matter what the size of the room is.
  • Adding value to your home: Are you looking to sell your home? Adding a few glass wall panels would undoubtedly increase its value and appeal. Believe it or not, the glass panels would make your home seem more luxurious and inviting. The fact that it also makes the place look big and brighter, together add to the charm of the place in the eyes of the potential buyers. This is thus an easy and affordable way of adding value to your home.

Decorating the house with an oversized mirror is a fun way of putting a classic twist on modern home decor. It not only adds drama to the room, but also enhances the overall appeal of the place. So, depending on the room’s size and the decor of the place, you can really play around with the type of the mirror and how you wish to incorporate it into the decor of the space.

Key takeaway

Sprucing up your home with a large oversized mirror or a glass panel may well be the missing piece in your home decor. But if you’re confused and having second thoughts about using mirrors and glass panels in your home, the uses mentioned herein would sure help in making an informed decision. Luckily, there are many reliable stores offering a comprehensive collection of functional and decorative glass panel and mirror options.

To know more about large oversized mirrors and glass wall panels, feel free to reach us through the comment section below, and we’d be happy to address your queries.