In these days of forced imprisonment, we continue our review of articles on DIY to not leave you alone. Today, we’re gonna figure out how you can make lamps yourself, a kind of lamp that is used in furniture and suitable for any room in your house.

It is true that building a DIY lamp can be a bit particular and slightly more difficult than any other self-made activity. This is because a minimum level of manual skill is needed with wires and electrical resistances.

Although models may seem complicated, they are not difficult to create if you have the right knowledge and a little creativity. Let’s take a look at some examples.

It is possible to create original home decor using recycled materials, for both interior and exterior decoration. A lot of objects that we consider useless and ineligible to reuse, can be reclaimed to become eco chic furnishings and home décor accessories.

This lamp is made from recycled materials and it is simple, cheap and environmentally friendly. Here are many ideas for creating a lamp yourself with recycled materials.

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The essential accessories to make a DIY lamp are:

  • First of all, as we said earlier, a lot of creativity, will and a pinch of manual skills;
  • Recycle objects or natural elements that will be the design for our models;
  • One or more light bulbs;
  • A lamp holder.

Then, depending on the project you choose to make, glue, nails, a hammer and a drill may also be needed.


The DIY chandelier project will look more appealing if we choose an aesthetically pleasing light bulb. We chose the following:

  • LED lamp Minger – is a bulb with class A+ efficiency that emits light automatically in response to the change of daylight to night.
  • The vintage light bulb isn’t as efficient as the first, but it’s still exceptionally beautiful. This vintage light bulb is going to give an extra touch to the DIY projects in which it’ll be used.
  • The Retro spherical light bulb resembles a vintage light bulb but boasts a more spherical shape.


A lampshade could be diminished by an exposed cable in a DIY chandelier, but it’s often underestimated in the realization of one.

Here is our selection of lamp holders that could add an extra touch to the DIY project.

  • An economical option would be to use a white lamp holder that is covered by a rope.
  • This color lamp holder comes in 10 bright colors inside the item itself: yellow, white, blue, brown, green, gray, black, blue, red, purple;
  • Natural materials – textile cable and natural wood support;

Industrial lamp holder – Looking for an industrial look? This accessory is for you. Rope pendant and bronze lamp holder.