How to Put Lace Front Wig on?

If you’re tired of spending hours styling your hair, a lace front wig may be just what you’re looking for. Lace wigs come with a realistic hairline and baby hairs around the face. The natural-looking hairline makes it easy to style your wig without drawing too much attention to the hairpiece. Wigs are not cheap, but they can last up to a year with proper care, making them a cost-effective alternative to salon visits.

Lace wigs are more comfortable than the average hairpiece made of synthetic hair, although they may take some time to get used to. Lace wigs have short and loose wefts that are placed through the lace front on a wig cap. These wefts work similar to a hair weave, allowing you to wear a more natural-looking wig but with more comfort. Because lace wigs are made of natural hair, some shedding is expected. However, you can minimize the amount of shedding with proper wig maintenance. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to put a lace front wig on, including choosing the right color and style for your natural hair:

1. Choose a Color that Matches your Natural Hair.

Lace wigs are available in a variety of colors and shades, from golden blonde to jet black. If you have dark brown hair, opt for a color as close to your natural shade as possible. If you have light blond, honey highlights, and an ombre-style bob, opt for a blond wig that looks similar to the natural highlights in your hair.

2. Consider a Style that is Versatile enough to Accommodate different Hairstyles or Textures.

If you are taking the plunge into lace front wigs, make sure that the style you choose works with your natural hair. For example, if you have fine hair, a curly wig may not work for you. Make sure to look for a wig that comes in different sizes and textures to accommodate different styles.

3. Trim your Natural Hair to Match the Length of the Lace front Wig cap.

If you have a very short haircut, the lace front wig cap may not extend long enough. You can trim your hair to complete the look and give you a natural look that matches the rest of your head.

4. Spray or Gel your Hair to Finish the Look.

You can spray the lace front wig with a texturizing spray or add a natural-looking hair gel to prevent the look of only having lace on one side of your head.

5. Place the Wig on your Head and Tuck in the Short Wefts into the Mesh Opening on the Lace Front wig cap.

You can also loop wefts through the elastic straps that secure the lace front wig on the head.

6. Secure the Wig in Place with the Elastic Straps.

Securing the wig on the head is essential so that it does not slip off. You can also attach the wig with hairpins or bobby pins.

7. Style your Wig and add Accessories, if desired.

Now you’re ready to begin styling your wig. Add hair accessories to complete the look. You can also place a few curls in your hair to give the illusion of body and movement.

8. Styling your wig is Essential.

Before you go out in public, give your wig a thorough styling to make sure the wig looks natural. You can curl your hair with a curling iron or use a straightener on the hairs at the front of your head. Next, add a loose wave to the front of your hair with a wand. You can also use curling tongs to create curls around your face and at the sides of your head.

9. Care for your Lace front wig and Keep it in Top Condition.

People with long hair often find it challenging to keep their lace front wigs in good condition. You can brush your wig when you are done styling it, or you can use a dry shampoo. As with other wigs, make sure to wear a wig cap when you sleep. You can also use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to reduce the amount of shedding that you experience.

10. Refrain from Applying Heat Directly on your Lace Front Wig.

When styling your wig, do not apply heat directly on the hairpiece. This could cause damage to the hairpiece.

11. For more Comfort, use a Lace front wig that is made of Human Hair.

Human hair lace front wigs are more expensive, but they are more comfortable to wear and last longer.

12. Wash your wig as you would Regularly Wash your Hair.

Washing your wig is essential for keeping it in good condition. Make sure to wash the lace front wig in cool water with a gentle shampoo and conditioner regularly. You do not have to wash your wig every day.

You Must take Good Care of your Wig

If you want your wig to last, you’ll have to take good care of it. That means washing and drying it properly and applying the right products. The instructions that come with the lace front wig should include instructions on how to use the product. These instructions will tell you how often you should wash your wig and what to do with it if you do wash it.

As with any hairpiece, you should avoid applying heat to the lace front wig or sleeping in it when it is wet. If you do accidentally sleep in it wet, make sure to use a baby powder or talc before putting the wig back on. This will absorb any moisture, so your hair does not get wrinkled or matted. You should never use any harsh chemicals or products on your wig. This will destroy the quality of the hair and cause it to lose its texture. It is crucial that you only use a shampoo that states it is safe to use on human hair wigs.

You can use a blow dryer to dry your lace front wig, although it is not necessary. If you do use a blow dryer, make sure you leave the heat setting on cool and hold the hairpiece for about 30 seconds before removing it from the blow dryer. Has all this talk about wigs made you want to go out and buy a new one? If so, Luvmehair is well worth checking out. You’ll see that they have wigs for every style and occasion that you can think of.