LA Fitness Membership Prices, Avail Discount and How to Negotiate

LA fitness LLC is the most trusted and renowned fitness and wellness gymnasium chain of Los Angeles, California, with more than 700 centers across the United States and Canada. Moving ahead with the pandemic situation, LA fitness has also launched the mobile application which let members:

  • Check-in to the gym centers using the Mobile Membership Card
  • Locate clubs, fitness sessions, and classes
  • Get quick access to the content by their favorite instructors and classes
  • Book sessions by personal trainers
  • Book Squash/Racquetball courts
  • Review their session history and much more

LA fitness is considered the best in industry fitness chain for its A+ grade fitness equipment, certified and experienced trainers, next-gen facilities, great customer satisfaction, and amazing membership plans to fulfill the needs of fitness seekers with different goals. 

LA fitness membership prices are usually extravagant, but according to the members, the joy they feel after coming to the club and their satisfaction after reaching their fitness goals is worth every penny they are spending. 

Wherever they choose to open a club, the convenience of the members is their topmost priority. The team at LA fitness makes sure that the club locations have spacious parking and workout areas that can be divided into different sections like cardio, strength training, etc. Also, the trainers are certified and experienced to train all types of trainees, be it a teen who wants to reduce weight, a professional who wants fitness and mental health to be on the same line, or an old age person with health issues that need special attention during the workout. 

Moreover, they also offer a kids club membership for kids below 11 years of age, and if you are wondering how much is the kids club prices at la fitness, you will be amazed to know that your kid’s health is just 10-15$ per month away with this amazing fitness provider of LA. 

How did it all start?

Chin Yi & Lisa Mari Novins founded the foundation of LA Fitness in the name of “Rainbow Nautilus” in 1983 and decided to change the name to something more relatable to the public of Los Angeles in 1984 has retained the name since then. 

The first club they opened was in Los Angeles, California and in the 1990’s they started expanding by taking over under-performing gyms of the area. Along with opening more clubs in different areas of LA, they maintained the quality of services. They focused on client satisfaction, which helped them expand in other cities of the United States. 

In the early 2000s, the club expanded in the United States by purchasing well-renowned clubs like Lifestyle Family Fitness Clubs, Bally Total Fitness, The Buffalo and Rochester Athletic Clubs, and Vision Quest Sport and Fitness and focused on expanding in Canada from 2007. 

LA Fitness Membership Prices and Things You Must Know 

There are two types of membership programs offered by LA fitness:

#1 Single Club – This membership plan allows you to workout at one of the local LA fitness clubs you wish to join

#2 Multi-Club – This membership plan allows you to take advantage of all the clubs in our outside state; you can workout at any club you want!

Any membership you choose, you have to pay the initiation fee for starting the plan, and the membership will be billed every month. You have to make an advance payment for the first month and last month of your membership.

If you are not someone who frequently changes his/her location or has a frequently travelling job like sales or marketing, you should choose to opt for the single club membership plan and workout at your nearby local LA fitness club. 

If you don’t want to miss the workout schedule even when you are out of the state due to professional or personal reasons, you can opt for the multi-club membership plan. 

How to Avail Discounts & Negotiate LA Fitness Prices 

There are several ways to negotiate the LA fitness prices and have discounts:

Firstly, various fitness clubs around the country offer discounts to AAA members, students, military professionals, veterans, teachers and seniors. You can always ask for a discount, and if La fitness would be offering some discounts or running any offers at that time, you might get some discount on the initiation fee.  

Secondly, adding a family member to your membership can help you avail some discounts on LA fitness plans and prices. 

Thirdly, visiting different LA fitness clubs in your area and negotiating with the managers also stand a chance of getting a fair deal. 

Fourthly, LA fitness prices include a few additional costs of facilities and amenities like towels and courts(squash/racquetball) etc., which are optional; if this is not worth your money, you can ask the manager not to include these facilities in your membership and reduce the respective membership cost. 

Free Pass to LA Fitness

Yes, you heard it right! You can get a free pass of 5 days for any LA fitness club in your area and then decide whether to take the membership plan or not. Also, you can get access to a 14 day free VIP guest pass from someone who is currently a club member. 

LA Fitness Price Chart

Given below is the LA fitness prices as of April 2021 provided by Gym Membership