Kyrian Covenant Campaign

WoW Shadowlands is the newest expansion of the legendary franchise. Among other upgrades, there were added covenants, the powerful groups that rule all the Dark Lands. You can join one of the 4 covenants after reaching the maximum 60th level.


The Kyrian are the first Covenant you meet in the Shadowlands. The Kyrian are the intermediaries between the lands of the dead and living. The history of the Kyrian Covenant takes place after the events in the Dark Lands and simultaneously with events in other Covenants. The story of the Kyrian Testament occurs primarily in the Bastion.


Kyrian Covenant campaign consists of 9 chapters, which include various events.

You join Kyrian and discover your role in this covenant. You save souls from the Maw and also deliver the souls of the dead to Oribos. Kyrian aims to completely renounce earthly. It helps their devotion to the angelic mission of mediators of souls. With the development of the events of the Kyrian Covenant campaign, the Forsworn interfere in the life of the Kyrian. The Forsworn are the Kyrian, who could not pass the rite of passage, whose spirits are doomed to suffer. Your task is to drive them from Bastion forever.

How to Complete It?

During the completion of the Kyrian Covenant campaign events, you get mounts, items, and soul binds. Receiving all the possible awards may be a time-consuming process.

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