The Kurdish Entrepreneur to Watch Out For – Jivan Mizuri


The Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) has been facing challenges in private sector development leading to economic instability and hindering potential growth of the region at the global level. Lack of insufficient infrastructure, sustainable resource management, human capital development, and foreign investments can be cited as a few contributing factors to the region’s delayed economic growth and development. But with younger entrepreneurs and new age investors realizing the scope of success, this region of Kurdistan can soon find its presence in the world market. In this scenario, the name of Jivan Mizuri is worth mentioning. Owner and founder of B & J Company, Jivan Mizuri is all set to bring Kurdistan in the economic limelight. Pervasively engaged in currency and oil trading, the company runs is business across major locations in the Middle East, London, and China. Within the first two years of its business, Jivan has succeeded in establishing his own market niche across continents and has been the youngest Kurdish businessman to trade in currency, worldwide.

The young and dynamic entrepreneur started out at the age of 18 and worked across different industries and business environments before he found his foundation. He started out by working independently as a consultant for oil trading to enterprises in Erbil, Dubai, and China. Though he faced serious challenges and unsuccessful deal in the initial years of his career, he quickly recovered and reestablished his business strategy. Later discovering more opportunities, he moved his base to Ankara and eventually, to Istanbul. Today, with 40 active employees, and partners in Turkey and the United Kingdom, B & J continues to grow as the shining star of international trading, under the dedicated leadership of Jivan Mizuri.

Apart from his business acumen and trading skills, Jivan also possesses the qualities of a true leader and a driven individual. His keen interest in various languages and different religions have developed his outlook and get a fresh perspective to the society, economy, and world in general. He believes that an entrepreneur should go beyond business strategies and capital growth, and invest in the finer qualities of a leader and an example for people to look up to. Through his business expansion, Jivan aims to contribute to the socio-economic growth of his country and community.


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