Kumkumadi Oil: An Ayurvedic Anti-Ageing Measure

Aging is a natural phenomenon, hardly avoidable by anything. Since our birth, the skin is at the mercy of many natural forces such as harsh weather, tough sun, and our own bad habits also. Although there are serums claiming the prevention of aging, they are found working only up to a certain extent. Aging is easily noticeable in any person.



The changes that are likely to occur:

  • Skin becomes rough and tough
  • The skin starts losing its elasticity, that makes it easily stretchable
  • Skin becomes transparent due to the thinning of the surface layer also called the epidermis
  • Skin becomes weak and easily bruised due to thinning of blood vessel walls

These are only visible changes that occur as a consequence of natural aging. However, if we talk about changes in inner skin, they are as follows:

  • Loss of fat under the skin causing the skin to hang loosely
  • There is bone loss in around the jaw portion
  • Loss of cartilage causing the nose tip to drop a little


Major Cause of Skin Ageing

Collagen Breakdown

Out of the several forces that operate in nature, the major cause of skin aging is the sun. The sun can also be a reason behind premature skin aging. The exposure to sun patterns out wrinkles on the skin and is also a major cause of shagginess in the skin. The researches have proved that 70% of skin aging occurs due to too much exposure to the sun. The UV rays bring about oxidation in the collagen fibers present in our skin. The consequence leads to the destruction of the structure of collagen fibers, resulting in the skin to lose elasticity. In quite a few cases, prolonged exposure to the sun even causes skin cancers.



Inflammation initiates tissue growth whenever our skin experiences any damage that requires healing. There is a certain factor like daily chemicals and even some detergents that cause great damage to our skin, calling the first line of defense to the action. Toxic gases and fumes greatly cause wrinkles on the skin. People use a harsh face scrub to overcome the pollutants, but according to doctors, it also can give birth to irritability and major damages. If we are continuously facing such situations, there is excessive inflammation causing the skin to age faster.



The bitter truth about the sweetest thing is that sugar lets you age faster. Glycation is a process of bonding sugar molecules to a protein. The bonding process forms chemical bridges. The glycated fibers are less elastic and more rigid and also lack regeneration capability. Glycation is a major cause of elastin to lose its ability. Most people ignore it but the fact is that glycation accelerates skin aging.



Those who are worried about skin aging can simply avoid or retard them to a great extent by making some basic changes to their lifestyle, such as eating a healthy and well-balanced diet, using sunscreen, quitting smoking if you do, etc.


Why should one avoid skincare products?

Although there are numerous skincare products available in the markets claiming that the regular use of their product can slow down natural aging. Using them can appear beneficial up to some extent. However, these products, if applied for a long time, can give you side effects, the reason being these consist of some harmful chemicals.


Ayurvedic remedies to Prevent Ageing

Starting the journey with the fact that there are no side effects of any ayurvedic treatment, we can make use of some Ayurvedic methods and products to avoid aging.

One is Kumkumadi Oil, an herbal treatment to retard skin aging.


It has some effective anti-aging properties. The Kumkumadi oil also helps in fetching glow to the skin. It has been used by Indian women for ages. One can certainly see the benefits of regular use of it.


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