Kumbulla, the Albanian who won the Conference with Roma

The Conference League’s first season was a resounding success. After a 1-0 victory against Feyenoord, Roma has been crowned champions at the Arena Kombtare in Tirana. This was not a coincidental occurrence. By providing priority to Federations & teams with the lowest coefficients, UEFA hopes to ‘democratize’ football. And it was in that spirit that the Conference got its start. You are reading this article on the hes goal portal.

A Roma player was at home in Albania. Literal. We undoubtedly refer to Marash Nikolin Kumbulla (Peschiera del Garda, 8-2-2000). He was born in Italy, although his name exposes his Albanian ancestry. Hellas Verona paid $26.5 million for the central defender known as “giallorosso” in 2021. He has already played 14 times for the Edoardo Reja squad as an absolute international.

I am honored to have won the Tirana Conference. It’s one of a kind. Our whole family has ties to Albania, and I am proud to be a nation’s citizen. Italian-born Kumbulla tells MARCA that he must represent his people correctly, even if he was raised in Italy.

To win the first championship of my career in Tirana as a native Albanian is an honor I take very seriously.”

I’ve never seen anything quite like that. The next day’s street party in Rome was eerie.

Chelsea manager José Mourinho praised Kumbulla despite his lack of playing time in the Champions League final: “Everyone in the squad feels essential. In terms of personal development, this has been a pivotal time. Among the 28 games I’ve played this season are some high-profile contests in the Conference and Serie A. Obviously, I have high aspirations and a desire to better myself, but I’m happy with where I’ve gotten to thus far.

It has been a critical time in my development. Twenty-eight games, including key ones in the Conference and Serie A, have been played.

“The coach already responded for me in the final preview when he stated I’m still 100 percent. No more to add if Mourinho stated so.

His résumé speaks for itself,” Kumbulla says of Mou’s management. You’ll only become better with him, both on the field and in your mental game. Thanks to his taking care of us a great deal, preparation for the game went well. I’m adamant about it. In my opinion, this has been a season of development for myself and many of my coworkers.

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