Kudremukh Trek Guide Homestay & Trekking Route Map 2023

Kudremukh trek is a part of Kudremukh national park in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. It is also among one of the famous western ghats treks in Karnataka. Kudremukh trekking information is given in full details below.

How can you Reach Kudremukh Trek Basecamp?
Reaching Kudremukh by Bus
There are regular buses from Bangalore to Horanadu via Kalasa available to be booked online at KSRTC. There are different kinds of coaches as well, such as Airavat (A Better One) and Karnataka Sarige. In Airavat, the fare would be around Rs. 700 and in Karnataka Sarige, the food would be around 325. Prefer Airavat, especially when you are going on the trek.

You have to get down in the town of Kalasa. From Kalasa, you have to find transportation to Balagal. Balagan is around 10 Kms from Kalasa. You can get Auto there which charge about 500 Rupees. It also depends on your bargaining skills. Another thing that you can do is to talk in advance with your Homestay guy to pick you up from Kalasa if at all you are going to stay in Kudremukh.

Reaching to the Kudremukh Trek Base
From Balaghal bus stop, there is another five Kilometer of a journey to the forest department office. You can find Jeeps there which will take you to the Kudremukh Trek base. They will charge you another 600 Rupees for the same.

Or, if you want to avoid all these troubles, it is better to talk with a homestay person and sort things in advance. For example, we stayed at Bella Homestay. They charged around 500 which included Jeep pick up from Kalasa, breakfast, packed lunch for the trek, evening dinner, Homestay, warm water, campfire, tea & coffee and even next day breakfast along with that they will also help you in arranging the permission for the trek and drop you at the base of the trek and pick you up in the evening when the trek is over. So, it is better to relax and leave all the troubles to them.There are some highly rated travel companies providing this tour!

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Kudremukh Entry
Now only first 50 people will get the entry for the trek to Kudremukh. If the group size is more than seven, the new charges are Rs. 500 per person.

Homestays Near Kudremukh trek
There are many homestays near Kudremukh which offer excellent services, especially for the trekkers. These Homestays are used by the organizers such as BMC, Nature Walkers, Escape to Explore. Most of these Homestays charge around Rs. 500 per person. Here are some of the necessary facilities that are provided by these homestays.

Escorting your vehicle to the Homestay in case you are unable to find them.
On arrival breakfast along with tea or coffee.
Packed lunch for the trek.
Leaving you to the Kudremukh trek base by Jeep in the morning and picking you up in the evening (Maybe Extra Chargeable)
Arranging permission and guide for the trek in advance (Extra Chargeable)
Campfire in the evening.
Room stay along with the option of a tent stay.
Hot water facility along with shared room and bathrooms.
Dinner and next day breakfast.
Here is a list of the Homestays and a little overview of them:

Kudremukh Trekking Information
Kudremukh trek distance: 9 Km (One side)

Kudremukh peak height: 6050 feet

Time to trek: 4 to 5 hours (one side)

Camping: Not allowed

Trekking permission fee: 475/ person (Near Balaghal Bus stand)

Breakdown of Kudremukh Trek Entry Fee

Entry fee: 200
Guide fee: 75
Trekking fee: 75
EDC maintenance fund: 75 (So, Total = 475)
The trekking permission needs to be taken at the Balaghal itself in the blue hut shown in the picture below. Or you can ask the homestay guy to arrange the permission. They are accommodating.

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From Balagal, there are five Kilometers of Jeep drive to Mullodi village, which is the base of the trek. Once you reach the bottom, your group will be assigned a guide. Most of the guides speak Kannada, but they can understand Hindi or English with some endeavour. The trek has a lot of waterfalls/water streams en route.

There are main two steep ascents in this trek. Once rise comes after crossing the Lobo House as you can see below on the map though Lobo house is no more visible on the trek. Lobo House is around 4 Kms from the starting point of the trek, and the ascent is of about 1.5 Km to Ontimara as shown on the map below. From Ontimara, there is another easy walk of around 1.5 Km. After that, there is approximately 2.5 Km from ascent to the peak.

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