KSF Space Foundation signed MOU with Maldives to build 1st University Satellite

Around the world, technology-enabled solutions are having a major impact on people’s lives and livelihoods by enabling them to tap into previously unreachable markets and career paths. This is especially true for island nations such as the Maldives where science and technology could serve as bridges that link remote communities and nurture them to truly be part of the global society.  

Dr. Kayyali Says “We welcome experiments and nanosatellites from universities and schools to join our future missions; we are always open to help and guide academic research all over the world, students of Maldives who will participate in building the 1st prototype CubeSat / NanoSat will be awarded NEP Professional Certification as a Grant from KSF Space Foundation in collaboration with IGS Maldives”

At Institute for Global Success (IGS) in Maldives, our mission is to develop a new breed of leaders, engineers and scientists in the Maldives. We aim to harness the talents and skills of young Maldivians, so that they could realise their full potential and expand their horizons. We want to train local astronauts, equip them with the tools necessary to conduct world-class scientific research, and create a platform to build and launch spacecrafts.

” This historic partnership with KSF Space Foundation is a key milestone in realizing our dreams and position the Maldives as a regional hub for scientific research, technological breakthroughs and innovative solutions that advance our own communities as well as the humankind. IGS is confident that this partnership will contribute to the development of our own space program as well as bring hope and open new horizons for our youth” said Rifath Mohamed, Chairman and CEO of IGS.

KSF Space Foundation was initially founded to enable cost-efficient access to LEO with zero-environmental impact flying solutions. The foundation offers access to near-space and LEO for research and scientific experiments in many fields, as Earth or Space Observation, biological testing, satellite positioning detection, earth magnetic field measurement, radio transmit, atmosphere science and technology experiment.

KSF Space Foundation also announced the launch of the world’s first NanoSatellite Engineering Professional “NEP Certification” for space education and the space industry.

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