Kristi Ronning: Preserver of Love Through Photography

In the 21st century, many of us live our lives through the lens of a camera and Instagram filters. The transformation of photography from an analog medium to digital technology has completely reshaped the landscape of the art. Some artists argue that having a camera on cell phones has made photography intrusive, and to be fair, the pictures captured through a mobile lens do not do justice to actual moments.

Throughout history, sculptors, painters, and other artists were absolute masters of their craft. They knew exactly how to wield a paintbrush or perhaps capture a portrait. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Claude Monet’s Water Lilies are paintings that portrayed the artists’ lived experiences and daily lives, just like modern-day photography.

Similarly, 21st-century photographers build impressive skills and techniques to capture photographs. Like artists through history had to learn to use a brush and understand lighting and composition, photographers must learn the ins and outs of using a camera, composing an image for photography, and much more.

Digital photography is a democratic process of making art, where anyone with access to a camera or smartphone can capture a version of what they see. Its full impact on the modern world was not felt until the first decade of the 21st century. Even as late as 2001, news events were photographed primarily with film cameras, but because digital images could be transmitted and edited much more quickly, nearly all newspapers and magazines had eventually transitioned to a digital workflow process by the end of the decade.

Kristi Ronning started Opal & Ox with the burning desire to capture the most cherished moments of life. Ronning was born in Pine Island, Minnesota, on July 20, 1991. As a kid, she always loved dance and theater. Kristi started dancing when she was in first grade, but when she entered second grade, her mother gifted her a disposable camera, and her love for photography only grew from that moment on.

Her photography style to this day is quite aesthetic, incorporating fun fashion pieces into natural landscapes. She was just 19 when she became a professional photographer. Later, she discovered her talent for elopement photography. She became best known for climbing mountain peaks with couples and documenting their weddings at elevations over 10,000 feet.

Opal & Ox brings the beauty of each moment to life through photography and film. Kristi and her husband have been running the company and shooting weddings worldwide since 2012. They solemnly believe that every place, every instant, has unique emotions and a story to share. To Ronning, photography is not just a way of telling a story but also a way to preserve an epic adventure. Along with being an elopement photographer, she is also recognized as a street photography artist.

Her amazing work was featured on the cover of Montana Bride magazine, volume 18 & 19, with one of the first true mountaintop cover photos. The magazine did a 9-page spread on the 3-day overnight hike in the mountains outside Yellowstone National Park. Her photography is appreciated and sought-after by many people all around the world. Couples love Opal & Ox services and aspire to their services.

Ronning is still discovering her love for photography by exploring different styles of photography. She is currently working on her first large publication photography book. She is also filming a documentary following her life and career in the mountains.

Nancy Yates

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