Tips And Tricks To Reuse Kraft Bags

Learn how to reuse your paper bags to pack, give away, and more! 


In our families and communities, we usually see these bags everywhere, either for gifts or to pack purchased products. After serving their purpose, they often end up at the fireplace or dustbins. Here’s what you can do instead:

Create Decorative Gift Bags


If you’re not the best at wrapping or making gifts look pretty, reusing a few brown kraft paper bags is a quick way to make creative and original gift bags. To decorate and make gift bags, you need to have the following materials on hand:


  • Used brown kraft paper bags.
  • Scissors.
  • Gluestick 
  • Punch.
  • Stamps and ribbon of your choice.


Steps To Make Decorative Gift Bags


  • Prepare the paper bag: Take a paper bag and cut the center length to cut the bag in half.
  • Next, unfold one of the halves and cut the bottom square piece (you won’t need it).
  • Cut the remaining rectangle to half the width. Repeat for the other long piece; now you have four semi-square pieces.
  • Paste your bag: take one of those pieces and paste a border. Fold it to glue it to the other side.
  • Fold the bottom approximately half and glue it on. Paste that little extra flap too.
  • Bag Finish: Flip over and fold the top edge down half and punch. Now you can put a cute ribbon or lace over there to seal the bag. 
  • Add some ribbons or stickers, and ta-da, you just made some adorable brown paper gift bags.


Bonus Tip: You can seal the kraft bags with crochet ribbons, or hook, loops, clip, and magic clasps. Create and invent a personalized decoration.


What Else To Do With Kraft Bags


As the market is flooded with wholesale kraft paper bags, there are a lot more ideas that you can implement to reuse them. For example, packaging products, grains, sweets, food to take away, and party favors for children and friends. We have explained some of them below: 

Ideas For Children’s Parties

On the occasion of parties, birthdays, or other children’s events, we can create very appropriate bags of animals, superheroes, or comics that will not leave anyone indifferent. Making these bags for the kids on their birthday and wrapping their gifts with the kraft bags is a great idea, and they will love it. For example, packaging products, grains, sweets, food to take away, and party favors for children and friends.



Decorating a bag with ribbons, lace, and gift bows with beautiful cards is very easy. Here’s what you need:


  • Choose colored ribbons


  • Used white kraft paper bags with handles.


  • Paper tapes


  • Small patchwork lace that you have at home


  • Bookmarks


  • Scissors


  • Rustic ropes for handles


Steps To Make Kraft Paper Birthday Bags 


  •  Spread the bags: add or remove the handles as you like. 


  • Put a little glue and glue the lace on the edges or near them, combine them with the ribbons.


  • Cut ribbons and make some colored bows and glue them to the bag.


  • Take a cardboard or paper tag and write Happy Birthday!

The best thing is that these bags are totally biodegradable and much more creative and original. Plus, they have many other benefits as well – which we have discussed below. 


Advantages Of Kraft Paper Bags


  • Wholesale kraft paper shopping bags are made of very resistant and high-quality recycled paper. 
  • They hold much more weight than any other type of bag.
  • Whether with or without handles, kraft paper bags guarantee excellent resistance. 
  • You can transport heavy products in a practical, comfortable, and safe way.
  • They are reusable since they can be “converted” into another product.


Final Words 


Kraft paper bags are ideal for almost everything you can imagine because they can be used for crafts, carry food, as a gift, for party favors, and a lot of other things. The best thing is that the bags are ecological, and you can use them many times.