Knowing the Difference Between Secured Bail Bond and Unsecured Bail Bond

If you or someone you love is put in jail, you can post a bail for their release until the trial date. Posting a bail means you will pay the bond amount to court for getting out of jail while you await your court hearings. If you’re aware of your rights, you can stay out of prison with a bail bond. Since bail money is set quite high and unaffordable for defendants in most cases, you can hire a reputable bail bonds Yreka company to post a bail for you. 

These bail bonds companies provide you the financial help you need to get out of jail until your court date. This bail amount is used as a surety that the defendant will show up to the all scheduled trial dates. When posting bail, there are two main types of bonds : Secured bail bond and Unsecured bail bond. 

Keep reading to learn the difference between the two common bonds known as secured and unsecured bail bonds:

Though both the bonds are used to keep the defendant out of jail until court appearance, they are different and you must know the differences. 

Secured Bail Bonds

As the name suggests secured bonds will need something to secure your release. This means you will have to pay a bail amount set and offer collateral as security and surety that you will appear before the court. The financial help you’re receiving from the bail bonds Red Bluff agent you will hire needs to have something to recover the amount you borrowed from them in case of failure to appear before court. 

If you fail to appear before the court for your trails, the collateral will be seized and money will be forfeited. secured surety bond is the most common type of pledge that requires something to secure. So, the collateral and money you offer to the agent will make sure that you will not flee and attend all the trials of your case. 

What can be offered as a collateral ?

Here are some of the examples 

  • Debit cards
  • Car 
  • Home
  • Stocks 

Unsecured Bail bonds 

Under an unsecured bail bond, you will sign an agreement that you will appear in court. However,  you will have to pay the amount if you violate the conditions of bond on your contract or don’t come to appear in court. So, in unsecured bail bonds, you don’t need to offer any valuable possessions or pay money  in order to secure your release. 

It is a written contract where your signature will be needed. But if you fail to fulfill the promises you have done on the contract, you will pay a fixed amount of money agreed to pay as per the contract. 

To know which bond you will qualify for, you will need to get in contact with a reputable and experienced Redding bail bonds company. 

While using these bonds to secure your release, you need to follow all the conditions and not violate any conditions of the bond to avoid the trouble. Breaching any of the bonds’s conditions will put the defendant in serious trouble. You will get arrested and will not be granted bail further.  

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