Know Your Lightsabers Before Buying

If you watched Star Wars movies you should know about lightsabers. But, if you are not introduced to it let me introduce what is a lightsaber is?

What is a Lightsaber?

First of all, a lightsaber is a kind of weapon that actually made of a plasma blade and emits light from a metal hilt. The power source is kyber crystal and traditionally it was used for both offense and defense. When used with power lightsabers can be a great weapon. As shown in movies, lightsabers have the capacity to virtually cut anything.

Truly speaking, if you are Star Wars fan, you might know about lightsaber better than me!!

Do lightsabers really exist?

Real lightsabers with powers like Star Wars is not existing to date. To properly power a real lightsaber we might need a huge power and that might not be even possible. But mind it, once people thought having a computer or internet was not possible. Who knows, in near future, we might have a great headline, ‘Real lightsabers on sale’.

Does anything similar exist?

Yes, similar things exist that copy the Star Wars lightsabers. Actually, you can find it in different colors and with different specifications than what was seen in Star Wars movies. If you are in good luck you can find good lightsabers for sale also. Based on the specifications, the look and performance of the lightsaber can vary. Usually, low-cost lightsabers are of bad quality and often seen to malfunction within a few days of purchase.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Lightsaber?

Metal Hilt

The quality of the metal hilt is important. From that metal hilt the light emits. The better the metal hilt, the better the emission of light. Hence before purchasing be sure to check it has an Aluminum hilt.

Power Source

As the lightsabers we see, the main focus usually goes on the emitted light. The more powerful the power source it will look brighter. Usually LED power sources are better than other power sources and recommended.

Sound Quality

While having a battle, realistic sounds are necessary to make it like, it is really happening. Hence, check the sound quality before you buy. Moreover, while swinging having a swing sound can make the clash more realistic. Upgraded lightsabers have this option.

Flash on Clash

When battling a flash is important to give you the real feeling of Star Wars. Before completing your purchase make sure the lightsaber has a flash-on clash.

Charger and Battery

Without a fast charger and good battery, your lightsaber is nothing. Hence before purchasing make sure the lightsaber is charged rapidly and the battery capacity is high enough to complete a battle.

Blade Material Quality

This is the part where the highest quality is needed because the blade absorbs the energy while battling. Usually polycarbonate material is good and you should seek it.

Having a high-quality lightsaber is a matter of pride. While purchasing, make sure you know what you are going to have in collection.