Know your health insurance

How to choose the right health insurance?

How to choose the right health insurance? Who can benefit ? By choosing a mutual health insurance adapted to your situation, you benefit from better coverage of expenses related to your health, for you and your family. With, you can compare health mutuals online and choose a tailor-made insurance contract.

What is mutual health insurance used for?

Mutual health insurance allows you to cover all or part of the health expenses that remain your responsibility (we speak of remainder payable or co-payment) after reimbursement from health insurance.

The mutual health insurance therefore covers expenses related to illness, accident or maternity. Some mutuals can reimburse specialties not covered by health insurance such as osteopathy, sophrology, reflexology, etc. But also reimbursements related to dental costs, reimbursement of dental prostheses, implants, crowns. Not to mention the optical costs, especially for a change of glasses.

Complementary individual health insurance is optional for self-employed workers or public service employees. On the other hand, if you are an employee, health insurance is compulsory, but there are a few situations where you can refuse it.

How to choose your mutual health insurance according to your profile?

Are you unemployed, a student, a civil servant, self-employed and do you want to know how to choose the right health insurance? Do you want to find a mutual insurance company that reimburses excess fees? Or even a mutual insurance company that reimburses optical and dental care?

The first step is to identify and analyze your needs based on your profile and your budget. This will allow you to choose the best health supplement. Then, several criteria are to be taken into account when you make health insurance quotes, here are a few:

  • Guarantees ;
  • Franchises ;
  • Warranty exclusions;
  • The care covered;
  • Mutual insurance contracts without a waiting period;
  • Third-party payment methods: full or partial;
  • The general and specific conditions;

Remember that depending on your professional situation and your profile, complementary health coverage may be different.

Why choose mutual health insurance with an online comparator?

If you want to save time and find a mutual health insurance that really suits your needs, use our online insurance comparator.

With, you will receive a panel of offers and you will have a global vision of the health insurance market in a few clicks. Your quotes are personalized based on the information provided.

You can thus analyze more serenely the guarantees of each insurance company and benefit from more attractive prices. Once you have made your choice, you can subscribe online in a few minutes.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we can also put you in direct contact with an insurer for additional advice.