Know what you need to know before buying crystal water bottles

Crystals have long been talked about for their alienated magic powers. In medieval times, people believed that the crystals are stone pieces not from mother Earth but some alien plant.

Thus they felt that sucking water from a crystal elixir can infuse our brain and body with magical powers.

And since then the desire to drink pouring water from elixir grew till we invented bottles.

A crystal water bottle these days has grown up to be a source of merchandise and fashionable item.

As featured in a lot of commercial ads with many Hollywood actors and actresses drinking water from crystal-infused water. ‘

The idea behind incorporating a crystal stone into a water bottle came from the fact that water is a resemblance of life and energy.

Thus if you infuse a crystal elixir into a water bottle and fill it with water the magical powers of the crystal get infused with water providing you with more energy, motivation, alertness, and achieve higher conscience.

So should you buy a crystal water bottle? Let’s find out…

Drinking from a crystal water bottle? Here are some things to know-

Different crystal stones are used

There are various crystal stones used in crystal water bottles.

As featured on most of the websites or on the ads the crystals that are quartz stones that you see are not all the same. There are various types of crystals found and this is evident from a close look at their texture shape and design.

There is the rose quartz that gives you a calming effect. It can be used for opening the heart chakra.

The clear quartz and is a symbol providing amplified energy levels in your body. It is also known as something that can heal a wound faster.

Smokey quartz that is slightly brown or blackish in appearance can help you with cleaning and removing the toxins from your body.

Amethyst a highly popular quartz stone that you can find in most crystal water bottles that can help you alleviate your psychic and spiritual levels.

So should you buy crystal water bottle for just anyone? No, not until you have known about all the positive benefits. Find out which type of stone is the right for you.

Differentiating between facts and values

It’s is something that differentiates people based on whether they believe in facts or values. If you are the second type of person consider checking on the as featured in articles for buying a crustal water bottle.