Know What The Next Big Thing In The Indian Perfume Market

Perfumes are getting quite popular in India lately. The need of smelling different from others and stand out has contributed to this buzz. Regardless of one’s budget, everyone wishes for a perfume with a lasting aroma. They need unique scents available in their budget. Although deodorants are still loved by many, they lag due to the limited fragrance range. If you are thinking that international perfumes are behind this change, you need to think again. Indian perfume brands are causing this new wave of freshness.

Understanding the needs of the new generation, Indian brands offer unique fragrances. They have addressed every concern about the cost of the perfume and giving them more choices. This new generation in India is always on the run. They need a fragrance that is active and lasting, like them. Some of the biggest changes you will see in the fragrance industry are,

Better Quality At Affordable Prices:

Buying an expensive perfume is great, but if you can get the same quality, why pay more. Indian perfume brands make their fragrances in the country. From bottles to the essence, everything comes from scratch. Yet, while doing so, they try their best to keep the cost low. It is often done by avoiding costs like hiring designers for creating bottles. Their fragrances have the simplest of designs. Everything including a bottle to outer packaging is undemanding. Their only focus is on the perfume and how it can make you feel satisfied with the scent.

A Luxury Everyone Can Afford:

When it comes to branded perfumes, not everyone can afford to pay for them. Most of the luxury scents from top international brands are quite expensive. They can cost a fortune, which is not everyone can afford. Luxury brands often do this to keep the exclusivity of the brand. They do not want to make their scents to be common. But the Indian perfumes brands wish to change this scenario. They want to make perfumes accessible to everyone in the country. Brands like Perfumer’s Club reduce the cost without compromising with quality. Apart from this, they make sure their fragrances are available. You can buy them online at major stores and original branded fragrance shop.

Emphasis On Unisex Scents:

People are accepting all kinds of roles in professional and personal life. While men enjoy cooking at home, women are burning the midnight oil. Not only the everyday roles but beauty and fashion are also gender-free now. For such a generation, unisex perfumes are quite right. They do not need someone to tell them which perfume is for men and which for women.

Unisex fragrances focus only and only on the scent. They are refreshing allowing you to explore fragrance boundaries. Yet, if you are a woman who enjoys perfume for men, go ahead and do it. Also, if you are a man who loves floral and fruity perfumes, do not let a tag on perfume stop you from doing this. All perfumes are genderless, and you are free to explore them at your own will.

Perfumes For Work Are In Demand:

Gone are the days when people used to wear deodorants for offices. If you wish to stand out and make your presence known, get a decent workwear perfume. There is a full range of workwear perfumes available with brands like Perfumer’s Club. Some of the popular ones are Dreamer for women, Challenger for men, and Achieve for unisex. These perfumes are aromatic giving a lasting freshness. Moreover, they are not at all overwhelming for the senses. Whenever you buy an office perfume, make sure it is gentle on the senses. Too strong perfumes can put off people around you.

Best For Occasional Gifting:

Are you still gifting home décor items and mugs to your friends and family? Whether it is for a birthday or anniversary, every occasion needs something special. Eyeing this, Indian perfume brands have created a wide range of perfume gift sets. These gift sets have an assorted collection of fragrances designed for various personalities. The whole idea was to create a useful gift. People love wearing fragrances and when you gift them a set, they will enjoy it more. If you have a smaller budget for a gift, you can still give single perfume bottles.There are many options in perfume for girls and boys so choose at your will.

Apart from all these, there is one more thing happening in the Indian perfume industry. The newer generation of perfumers is rediscovering the ancient Indian perfumery traditions. As many of you might know, the city of Kannauj is popular for its natural perfumes and rose water. Perfumers are now using these old methods of perfume making. This helps in keeping the natural essence and aroma of flowers. Discover all these revolutionary changes in Indian perfumes by trying one. You will wonder why you never tried them all before.

Praween Singh

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