Know the Various Types of Leather with Which Cowboy Boots Are Made

If you have decided to purchase a pair of cowboy boots, you have done the right thing. When you set out to purchase a pair of such boots, you need to spend some time selecting a pair that suits you the best.


It will help if you know the various types of leather with which cowboy boots are made before you purchase a pair of quality cowboy boots.


So, have a look at the types of leather:



Goat leather is tough. It is a classic and all-purpose traditional leather for cowboy boots without any particular texture or pattern. Its smooth texture makes it a perfect material for a traditional cowboy look. However, the downside is that Goat leather becomes soft within the first few years.



Snakeskin leather makes cowboy boots striking. But you should also note that it calls for maintenance and good care. As Snakeskin does not contain natural oils, you should apply a conditioner more frequently.



Ostrich is one of the best leathers to consider. It is the most durable and is also visually attractive. Full quill ostrich leather has textures, with bumps where the feathers were plucked. Ostrich leg is also a beautiful leather with scales, and that is why it is often mistaken for the Snakeskin leather. It also becomes softer with time.



The Lizard leather has a very distinctive look that separates it from the other leathers. It is often finished with a high gloss. Usually, cowboy boots with Lizard leather are often for formal occasions and with the business dress. It is due to the natural structure of the leather and stiff rows it does not soften much. And it also maintains its shape over time. But, it also calls for regular maintenance and conditioning to prevent cracking or splitting.



The Caiman leather is known for its stunning and distinctive patterns. It is also considered as the most common of all the exotic leathers. It is tough and durable. Although the leather maintains its shape, it softens up after some time.


Bear in mind that buying a pair of quality cowboy boots is not at all an easy affair. You need to do the due diligence before you eventually make the purchase. Refer to the infographic in this post to know what you should do.