Know The Pros & Cons of The Most Popular Online Medical Apps for Doctors

With telemedicine and online consultations becoming the order of the day, it is understandable if you are looking for an online medical app. But with so many apps for doctors available in the market, it might be confusing to choose one. Keeping your predicament in mind here’s detailing the features of the top five apps for doctors, along with the pros and cons of each.

1. Bajaj Finserv Health App

Bajaj Finserv Health is undoubtedly the best online consultation app for doctors in terms of ease of use. Regardless of whether you have an offline practice or you are entirely dependent on telemedicine facilities, this app is the best.

If you want one app that can handle your appointments, manage your invoices, hold your patient records, and offer a timeline of patient consultations, download Bajaj Finserv Health right away. The app is like a one-stop destination for your medical needs.

● Super easy to use for both doctors and patients
● Easy to manage appointments and invoices
● Faster access to patient records
● Improve your patient experience


● It might glitch a bit during registration sometimes

2. Practo

Practo is one of the most famous doctors and patients that offers a complete solution for your medical needs. You can book your appointment and get them scheduled using this app. At present, the app has come up with two versions – Practo Prime and Practo Ray.
Your patients can get their medicines and health products from this app. The app is available on both iOS and Android. There are both free and paid consultations. Doctors have their profiles on the app, with all the details about their experience and specialization.


● Simple and easy to use
● Schedule appointments fast
● Both free and paid consultations are available


● Book appointment feature only on Practo Prime
● Doctors have to refill an online wallet to be on Prime

3. Lybrate

Lybrate was launched back in 2013, and it has become one of the finest online consultation apps for doctors in India all these years. The app connects doctors from different specialities with their patients. Download the app from Google Play Store and App Store for Android and Apple devices. In addition to telemedicine, the app has an online Q&A forum and health quizzes. Naturally, using Lybrate for Doctors would help your medical practice a lot.


● Answer queries faster than many apps
● Online Q&A forum and health quizzes
● Easy to schedule your appointments


● It does not list out enough clinics near you
● Paid consultations are faster than the free ones

4. 1mg

There is no denying that 1mg enjoys quite the popularity as an online doctors app. You can get a host of information about different ailments and medicines from this app.

The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms, and there is even a free version for you to try before getting the paid one. Apart from scheduling appointments, you can keep track of your prescriptions. If you need to find alternate medicines for your patients, you will find that on this platform.


● A storehouse of medical information
● Easy to track prescriptions and medical history
● Free version to try and use


● Offers medicines without prescriptions
● It does not list out a plethora of doctors’ clinics

5. Mfine

Mfine is one of the in-demand apps for doctors in India that is great for telemedicine and diagnostic services. You can schedule and keep track of your online consultations, along with keeping up with your patients’ medical history.

The self-evaluation feature will help your patients take better care of their health. The app even comes with an AI assistant to help you with the features and clear your doubts.


● Easy to use for both doctors and patients
● Facility to maintain and update your profile
● Ease of scheduling appointments


● Self-evaluation might not be accurate
● The app tends to glitch frequently

The Bottom Line

There are no perfect apps, but one app can suit your practice better than the other app. So, evaluate the pros and cons carefully.