Know How Your Lunch Box Decides Your Personality

Usually, it seems to be getting a lot harder to get away from your work at lunchtime. Meaning, there is a lot of stuff like emails to reply to and files to complete and submit, who can take a break?

But it is clear that people who work like this are counterproductive. They are not in the great creation. Many of them are not connected. And in time, the best employees will leave. This is a very short-term pointer of a boosted and productive work environment, and sometimes, it’s quite frustrating when the lunch period isn’t available, and everything is going well on time.

Regular lunches at work benefit everyone. One study found that employees who had lunch breaks every day reported higher engagement based on metrics that included job satisfaction, productivity, and their ability to recommend others to work there.

And if you analyze a little deeper, then you will realize that this lunch break not only improves your productivity but also your lunch box determines your unique personality.

Let us understand how your lunch box decides your Lunchbox Personalities!

The Young Heart Type

They believe life is too short and always prefer to make the most of every moment — so packing a lunch isn’t very high on their list of priorities. They usually love to spend that extra time with their loved ones doing things that bring joy to them. Basically, they are free spirits, so they generally tend to have a relaxing effect on the people they used to interact with. Their inner child still loves tasty yummy cheesy sandwiches in their lunch boxes and the very pre-packaged grab-and-go foods because they appear time-saving and delicious to such young heart-type personalities!

The On-The-Go Type

For such kinds of persons, lunch is the last thing on their list. When they get around to thinking about that yummy lunch, they usually just grab whatever is closest to stick their food and easy to carry like in plastic carry bags. It’s not fancy at all, but as stated they are the on-the-go type! Usually consider they have a lot of responsibility at work apart from their lunch box preparation, so their mind is always racing a thousand miles per second thinking about the things they have to perform.

The Versatile Type

They are creative, innovative thinkers in nature, displaying their versatility with the super decorative and delicious lunch they carry. They use to add lots of variety to their life — both in their lunch choices and their work style. Just as they generally like to bring something unique to eat for each day of the week, also they prefer to sit in a distinct place in the office every day to avoid falling into a schedule that dulls their versatility. Generally, they are highly inspired and can find that frequent change that motivates them the most. That’s why they used to prefer a bento box for work!

The Groovy Type

They are considered to be born to express and impress via their unique style. Hence, they are the groovy ones. They are the type of person who admires to make a statement and enjoys dressing and styling in a unique and fashionable way. Also, they desire to be a panache icon around the workstation and take pride in stating themselves outwardly. That’s why they carry multiple fabric lunch bags in various vibrant colors and patterns to match their mood each day.

Final Words

No, this is not the end…

These are only a few of the personalities who observe on regular basis in your office or workstation or might be you are one of them only. So, pack your lunch in such a way that reflects your different and unique Lunchbox Personalities and diet habits in a sound and healthy way!