Know-How Rado Watches Are Worth The Price As They Are More Than Just Time-Telling Devices

Rado watches may be the finest option for you if you are a watch enthusiast who enjoys pieces that stand out from the crowd. The watches of this luxury watchmaker are lauded by international watch users and connoisseurs for their usage of rare ingredients and out-of-the-box watch production.

Rado is a high-end watchmaker with a long list of distinguishing features. They are well-known in the watch industry for their inventive material utilisation. Rado has earned its place at the top with more than a century of expertise and for pioneering the use of ceramics in watchmaking. From minimalistic to automatic futuristic designs, there exists a Rado watch for every occasion.

If you’re still not convinced, here we have listed the top reasons why Rado watches are worth the price;

Highly Durable and Long Lasting

The brand’s values are centred on producing extremely long-lasting timepieces. As previously said, Rado was one of the pioneering brands in the use of high-tech ceramics in the watch business. Ceramics are a long-lasting, high-strength material that is used in medical, engineering, and NASA. It’s easy to carry and scratch-resistant. It contains no metals, making it extremely soft and safe for the skin. Rado’s philosophy revolves around this material, which provides for maximum comfort. Due to their highly sturdy yet lightweight design, these watches can be your ideal everyday timepiece.

Truly Innovative

Rado is more than just a luxury watchmaker; they are a firm that thrives on pushing the limits and raising the bar when it comes to innovation. Rado is a leader in the watch industry when it comes to continuous development and innovation. The world’s first touch technology watch is part of this breakthrough.

For their True Thinline Les Couleurs Le Corbusier collection, Rado received the coveted iF Design Award this year. The Architectural Polychromy colour theory of Le Corbusier inspired the design of the limited edition pieces. Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, also known as Le Corbusier, was a renowned and influential architect of the twentieth century. The Thinline collection from Rado has garnered numerous honours throughout the years. The True Thinline family was the first model with an injected monobloc high-tech ceramic case, continuing a tradition of innovation.

Rado not only invented the first scratch-resistant watch but also created the world’s hardest watch, the V10K, which was initially released in 2002. The watch is not just diamond-studded; the entire timepiece is made of sapphires and diamonds. Swiss quartz precision is also used in the construction of the watch.

Impeccable Designs

The design of a watch is one of the most important considerations in determining whether or not a buyer will purchase it. Rado is one of the few watch companies that focuses solely on the patterns on their watches. Their world-class craftsmen use the utmost care and skill to create timepieces that are flawless in every way. Their models are distinguished for their impeccable designs. Whether it’s an Integral or a DiaMaster, each collection’s pieces have demonstrated their originality in architecture timepieces.

The build of each Rado watch is distinct from that of other brands. They’re crafted using carefully chosen colours and materials, giving them an edge over the competition. The brand’s goal is to satisfy all watch enthusiasts. Their timepieces exhibit modesty in production. It is this aspect that increases their worth and makes them appealing to both genders. Every component of these timepieces has been meticulously crafted so that they appear delicate at first glance and may comfortably adorn your wrist. Their skeleton watches come in a variety of styles, which alters the game for them. These are the watches that allow the wearer to see both sides of the dial at the same time.

Flexible Range

The price of a watch is quite important to a watch buyer. He or she examines a piece’s price before purchasing it. Rado watches offer a very inexpensive price range that appeals to watch purchasers all around the world, particularly Indians.

Its watches range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars for the most expensive models. What leads us to this conclusion is that, while Rado offers numerous watches that are unquestionably high-end in terms of price, the company’s collection spans a wide price range, ranging from reasonably priced to rather expensive.

In general, we can classify Rado as a mid-tier or entry-level luxury watch brand. They have some more reasonable timepieces for individuals who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, but they also have more pricey selections for those who want something more exclusive.

History of the Rado Watches

Rado was established in 1917, but under a different name than it is now. Schlup &Co was the name of the company that founded Rado. Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schlup created the company in their parents’ home, where they converted a portion of the house into an atelier. By the end of World War II, Rado had established itself as one of the most well-known watch brands and manufacturers.

The company changed its name in the 1950s when it introduced the now-iconic “Golden Horse” model. The Rado Golden Horse became a historical watch, and its design continues to influence and shape Rado’s design language to this day.

Rado released another historically significant model, the Diastar, in the 1960s. Rado began experimenting with materials during this time, and this is still a driving force for him today. Rado invented sapphire glass and strong metal as a result of its curiosity about novel materials, resulting in the brand’s first scratch-resistant case. This has influenced Rado throughout its history, with the introduction of timepieces made of a variety of novels made of high, scratch-resistant ceramic, cermet, a blend of metal and titanium-based ceramic, and plasma.


Rado timepieces are of superior quality and place a premium on design and craftsmanship. Rado’s watch designs, which experiment with diverse materials while also daring to explore wacky and unusual styles, are arguably what make them stand out the most. We hope this answers most of your doubts or queries about Rado watches and why they are worth the hype. 

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