Know how computer facilities have changed the lives in Uganda!

From listening to music online, watching web-series on Netflix, communicating with loved ones over skype, to showing editing skills on digital photography, everything you do today would have been impossible without incredible advancement in the field of computer science and technology. The ubiquity of smartphones and computer science in the lives of people has brought a tremendous change in the whole world. 

People now can calculate mathematical problems with ease, can connect to different parts of the world through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and can even do the office work virtually from home. Each new wave in technology brings along myriad wonders to the world; with amazing innovations, creating new tools, fetching new forms of data, and so on. It’s no more unknown to people that constant development of computer facilities has not only helped rich countries to shape their future, but also helped economically developing countries like Uganda to cope-up with the situation. Wondering how? This blog has all your answers! Read till the end! 

In what ways computer facilities have been changing lives in Uganda, since 1960! 


  • Constant progress in career growth! 

Be it Harry Potter novel or any essential legal documents, translation has always bridged the gap between cultures. Years ago, this process was solely taken care of by language professionals, which is now done with just a click of a button! Do you know, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data and information flows across the internet every single day, which gave way to new jobs in networking, database management, and software creation that did not exist a few years ago? Some fastest-growing job sectors in Uganda, like the translation department, forensic department, and statisticians are in dire need of candidates who can create software tools to help in the growth of the economy in Uganda. 

  • Computing Scientific Probabilities 

Scientists are now able to process the statistical probability of the spread of diseases and get answers more quickly. Advancement of Computer science and technology is not only helping scientists around the globe to share information with their colleagues, but also allowing them to collaborate on big projects virtually. 

  • Improving Healthcare systems! 

Be it Uganda, or worldwide, healthcare is considered as the top priority as it’s all about improving the lives of humans. Years ago, doctors, hospitals, and healthcare facilities used to fight against all odds in order to provide the best service to mankind. Today, computer science is doing wonders in allowing healthcare facilities to network and work together to finally put all the obstacles to rest. With the constant improvement of data science and artificial intelligence, people, and organizations are now being able to accelerate and turn their pre-design thoughts to actions. 

  • Predicting and avoiding catastrophes! 

From predicting climates, seasons, and ocean currents, to predicting an outbreak pattern of a pathogen, scientists in Uganda are now capable of protecting lives using some life-saving tools. It is so much advanced that it can even predict human behavior, to help prevent crimes. All this would not have been possible without computer facility to make use of such technology. 

  • Bringing advancement in Education! 

Years ago, every student in Uganda had to attend classes physically whatsoever may be the case. But with the rapid growth of e-learning applications and platforms, students’ lives have become much easier now. They can study and solve problems and learn through the internet which is bringing a positive change to the academic world. 

Progress in computer facilities has enabled students of Uganda to pursue degrees through distance learning which in turn has helped many students for whom location, ability, or finances was a barrier. At just one search on “Google”, students of Uganda can learn more in much better ways. Whether it’s an online class, research work, or work shared via the cloud, advancement in computer facilities has made this possible. 
Computer science is a noble profession without which today’s world would have come to a complete halt. When it comes to finding a career that allows you to positively benefit the world around you, and get a more secure job, pursuing degrees in computer information technology or computer science and technology would be the best decision ever!  

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