Know How Blockchain Marketing Can Contribute To Your Business Product/Service

A decade from now, blockchain for marketing will not be something as unknown as it is today. By then, most businesses will surely adopt this thriving technology, make the most of its features, and develop their systems on this platform. We have to mention that the world of decentralized businesses is not that far in the upcoming time. As a matter of course, it has its right foot already in the door! 

Presently, business organizations of all kinds have drenched their toes into the stream of advanced blockchain technology. Whether it be traveling, gaming, banking, food, or even transportation, it is everywhere. As a result, benefits like fewer transaction costs, third party eliminations, saving on business funds, transparency, and increased security have made it one of the most-buzzed subjects in today’s world.┬á

While we all know that every technology here has a lot of upsides, supporting consumers to understand that it takes a lot of time, effort, and funding, most businesses don’t have these in abundance. Not to worry; there are ways for creating brand awareness with blockchain marketing. Here we have mentioned how all the convenient ways can contribute to your marketing and ad spaces. Take a quick look.┬á

Establishing Trust With Ad Purchases 

The major drawback with online advertising is that it is almost impossible to know if the stats are correct or not. For example, when we promote our Instagram channel, are we counting the organic followers, or are they just counting bots that fade with time? Many research studies have shown that these bots in 2016 have cost brands more than $7 billion in damages alone. However, blockchain is going to be the next game-changer here, with plenty of positive outcomes. 

As it is encrypted and transparent, companies can easily recognize whether the new members are authentic or not, saving millions of dollars in ads every year. In simple words, business organizations will know what they are getting and what they are paying for. 

Zero Involvement of Middlemen 

Many business analysts have shared that eliminating mediators can help them save somewhere from $1-$5 in general; you also need to know that blockchain can even help better. Now, companies can directly pay to their targeted audience without any involvement of ad processes in it. Ultimately, this means businesses will learn how to spend smartly and connect only with their potential customers. 

Better Audience Targeting 

In earlier times, advertisers interacted around multiple channels and sources to know about their likely customers. But now, blockchain marketing campaigns have changed the whole spectrum. Advertisers can now easily build a direct profile and request all the necessary information at a single channel. Somehow, this allows the advertisers’ business owners to market services and products as per their customers’ requirements while knowing only to spend on potential customers and clients.┬á

Improved Transparency 

Last but not least, we all get that there’s nothing else worse than spending thousands of dollars on a designer handbag or watch and that too to find the purpose of the service/product. The digital system of the blockchain allows mapping every step of the supply chain. For instance, the customer/client can easily check where a product has come from – whether it is authentic or not – who has handled it throughout – whether the seller has purchased it from a local store or an online auction. This puts tremendous power into the hands of the potential customers, hence improving the customer experience.┬á


Without any doubt, blockchain for marketing your business products and services has the power to disrupt the world in a myriad of ways, and marketing is the most exciting in it. As of now, where it may seem quite overwhelming to most of you, but it will surely be a satisfying thing in the near future.