Know Female Rights By Family Lawyer in Lahore

Rights Through Family Lawyer in Lahore:

If you wish to protect your rights through family lawyer in Lahore or advocate in Pakistan you may contact Nazia Law Associates. Our Lawyer in Lahore & Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan is top and brilliant to win your case related to the family matters. If it can understand ownership in this way, one can soon appreciate what a conveyancer does when he acts for a house or flat buyer. He is looking to see what ‘rights’ the seller has over the land, how many of those rights through family lawyer in Lahore or advocate in Pakistan will be transferred to the buyer, and what ‘rights’ other people and the community’s rights over private land.

Laid Down by Parliament:

Acts of Parliament lay down various rights that apply over all land, such as the law that all houses are subject to the planning controls laid down by Parliament, or that aircraft are free to fly over private land and through the air space that technically belongs to the owner of the land. These rights are of general application, as are the other examples listed in the table. They are all illustrations of how the traditional sanctity of private property has been eroded.


Other people’s rights over private land of more immediate concern to the conveyancer are those rights that other private individuals have over the land through family lawyer in Lahore or advocate in Pakistan. The problem is to find out what rights exist and whether it can enforce those rights against a purchaser of the land. Not all these rights will survive against the purchaser; for example, the seller’s building society will have powerful rights of entry and sale by the mortgage deed. But the purchaser’s solicitor will insist that the mortgage be repaid (and so the building society’s rights destroyed) before the purchase is completed.

Advocate in Pakistan:

However, some of the other rights by family lawyer in Lahore or advocate in Pakistan might bind the purchaser (e.g., a right of way over the land). The table opposite gives some of the more important rights that outsiders may have over private land. How other people acquire rights over private land Apart from statute, the main ways outsiders can acquire rights over private land are either by deed (as with the building society and its mortgage deed) or by continued assertion and use of the right over the years. When the request is created by statute or deed, the position is clear enough since the purchaser has to refer to the lease, title document, will, Rent Act, or whatever to see the extent of those rights by the family lawyer in Lahore or advocate in Pakistan.

What is Prescription:

The problems arise when there is no written statement of the rights, as happens when they are acquired by extended usage – by what is called prescription. Prescription assumes that someone has a legal right to do something when they have been doing it continuously over the years in such a way as to indicate that they have a legal right to do it. For example, if a person parks his car on his neighbor’s plot of land for year after year, he may acquire the legal right to keep on parking his car there, and that right may be taken over by whoever owns his house later years. Our Law firm in Lahore Pakistan is here for all kind of lawsuits.

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