Know Everything about Vinyl Fencing Panels and Parts

Fencing is a very integral part of protecting your house. You need to fence your house with goods that is solid, would go for many years and would not need to be changed frequently. In past days, wooden fences were the only option to be placed as fence. But, in modern day, you can choose from a large number of varieties. You can go for vinyl fencing panels and parts, which will withstand all the weather conditions and go for years. Here, we have discussed in detail about vinyl fencing, which will enable you to know more.

Features of Vinyl Fencing:

Vinyl fencing is the best option for you if you are looking for style along with durability for your home or office building. You can install a gate in between the fence if you want. Vinyl fencing panels and parts are actually very economic and consist of these salient features:

● They are very affordable to maintain
● They are very much resistant to regular wear and tears
● You do not need to repaint them after installation
● Aluminum rails are available for extra strength

Components of Vinyl Fencing:

When you are installing these fences in your backyard, you need to remember the components that constitute a complete vinyl fencing panels and parts. These components are discussed in detail in below:

Posts: These are the vertical vinyl protruding that is cemented in the ground for support. The posts may also be called as the support of the vinyl fencing as it carries the whole load of the fence structure.

Rails: The rails are the horizontal lines that are measured with the length of the fence. These are of three types, namely the top rails, middle rails and bottom rails. The rails also act as a base for holding the pickets or the posts, depending upon their positions.

Pickets: Pickets are the vertical piece that is located between the posts. It is an important aspect of vinyl fencing panel and parts as it ensures enhanced security and aesthetics in a great way. They are generally designed in a pointy manner and are shorter than the posts.

Gates: You can opt for vinyl gates as a part of the fencing material. You just need to decide the position of the gate in your garden and ensure that it is installed in the exact location. You can opt for good designs that will make your guests and other visitors feel welcome in your house.

Post caps: On a vinyl fencing, a post cap acts as a decorative item. In case of wooden fences, the post caps act as an agent that protects the whole fence from water and air. But you can enhance the aesthetic factor of your vinyl fencing through a post cap.

Panels: Panels are very much beneficial for an easy installation process of the vinyl fencing. It is necessary to connect the panels with the brackets in order to complete the installation smoothly.

Brackets: Brackets may be referred to as a connecting agent that connects one panel with a post and vice versa. You must buy a good quality bracket for your vinyl fence for enhanced service and validity.


These are some of the factors that you need to know about vinyl fencing panels and parts. Contact today to your nearest hardware store to get the designer fencing that would suit best for your house and start the installation process today. You can also converse well with your builder while installing the fence as we have discussed about the major terms that represent the parts of the vinyl fencing.