Know Everything About Changing GPS Location on Your iPhone

GPS is nowadays a common use for everyone that helps to share location with anyone. You can share your current location with your friends and family and let them know where you are exactly. Even most parents use this device to track the location of their children for their safety. However, most people are against sharing their location with their relatives or friends because of certain privacy reasons. Moreover, many people wish to change GPS location to reach the content which is not available in their area.

There are some applications and games that are not available in some areas because of certain safety issues. However, people still need to approach such sites or games to enjoy but due to their area, they can’t access them. For this, you can simply use third-party apps that work as location changes. You can use location changer on iPhone and can easily change your GPS location without knowing anyone else about it.

Ways to Change GPS Location

People usually change their GPS location because of privacy issues. They don’t want anyone to know where they are at the moment. Other than that, some people want to get access to the apps and sites that their region does not allow to go through because of harmful sources. For this, you can use multiple third-party apps in different ways to get access to them or to hide your location from everyone. First of all, you must change your location settings on your iPhone. Some food-delivery apps or riding apps may need your current location for accuracy. Hence, you can remove the allowance to them by going to the settings. If you change your location once and turn on your location afterward, then this may let others view your current location.

For Permanent Change, Use XCode and FakeLoc

XCode and Fake Loc are programs run through MXCode software, which you can easily change your location on your iPhone without any disturbances. Make sure to change the location at your risk as some sites are dangerous and can even hack your data. Other than that, if you are getting access to the sites through XCode FakeLoc, then you are completely safe from any harm to your data. You need to launch the app and then enter your name on it. Afterward, you can go to the menu and select “stimulate location”. This will help you to change your current location and hence, you can now enjoy going to the other unreachable sites and games applications.