Know All About The Price And Benefits of Tiger Eye Stone

What is a Tiger Eye Stone?

It is a red-hued rock that is metamorphic and is utilized as a Chatoyant stone in the field of astrology. The golden color of its surface accentuates the glow of its yellow and brown-hued striped body gives it the name Tiger’s Eye. This stone brings out a person’s bold and confident side that makes them all fired up with energy and ambition. It belongs to the category of Quartz stones and is related to the movement of the astrological houses of Mars and The Sun. It is made of a mineral called crocidolite, and its body is oxidized for the formation of its brown to a golden shade. According to myths and legends, Roman soldiers used to adorn it to gain the prowess of a Tiger in battle. In Spite of its significant astrological attributes and metaphysical characteristics, it will barely cause a burn in your wallet. When it comes to the tiger eye stone price, it differs and varies based on the requirement and size of the stone. It can range from 1000 INR to a higher price point depending on the carats of stone used.

There are several amazing benefits to the usage of this stone.

It assists in providing the user to be more down to earth and helps people be more confident. It helps the wearer to remove any doubts in their minds. It is even said to propagate luck inducing vibes that guard one against negative thoughts and ill will from their rivals.

It has several healing qualities. It can supposedly benefit one by reducing chronic pains, builds up a better spinal strength, and remove toxins from one’s body. It even helps in the reduction of stomach pain and digestion affiliated diseases.

The expert astrologers often advise the stone for little children who usually may suffer from the insufficiency of concentration, trouble sleeping, and a lack of patience. It is also deemed beneficial against stress-related problems.

Tiger Eye stone benefits even bring about financial and wealth increase for the user and may enhance one’s monetary status. Therefore numerous business people and corporate giants prefer its use to further their occupation and ambitions.

Anyone can invariably wear this stone under any zodiac sign, and religion or of any age group. It boasts one’s stamina, resolves, and youthfulness.

The Tiger’s Eye is particularly advantageous for introverted people that have trouble socializing and have a lack of confidence. It can even aid against personality disorders.

It is advantageous for people who have their birthdays on days with digits of two or seven.

It can be considered to remove the shade of evil eyes away from the user. It is also said to be able to eradicate negative vibes and thoughts away and instill self-love and confidence to the wearer.

It is considered the most Tiger Eye is most effective on the Root chakra and Solar Plexus chakra. The existence of the Root chakra is at the base of the spinal cord. It boasts excellent health properties and helps to enhance health and be affluent in life. Its effects on the solar plexus chakra help to improve inner strength.

It brings about an impressive improvement in a person’s focus on their mental capabilities and enhances one’s sensory potential.