Junction Box is an old informal method An Electrical Installation Material or Unit also often Known as J-BOX was first introduce on 20th Century. Back then this J-Box proved to be the safety barrier.  There are many Dealers and Suppliers of Junction in India. The contribution of Junction Box to Indian Economy is almost near to 12% uptill 2020.


Because the Junction Box prevents from any Electrical Damage, the outer covering of the box should be in solid state only. It should be acutely noticed that Junction Box should not have any big or small hole.

The junction box are majorly made of aluminium metal rather than steel or plastic which is a high-impact PVC. The Junction Box which is used since so many centuries are designed in such a way that it becomes Rust-Free and Shock-Free. Also we often to see that a 5amp Junction Box is used control and safe-guard Lighting Circuits. And interestingly adding more amp Junction Box generates and controls more power of the light and Light Fixtures.

The Junction Box is also responsible for controlling and managing the switches.

As we are relatively educated about the J-Box which prevents any Electrical Accidents similarly the Electrical Grid or Outlet which is the terminal should be grounded beneath the Earth.

Junction Boxes are constructed in varied size and shapes and thus these Safety-Guards can be easily placed and used in spacious space or working space with best location.

Depending on the Branch Circuits in a place the Junction Box can have  2 x 4 x 1 1/2-inch wires or 4 x 4 x 2 1/8-inch carrying up to 4 to 8 Electricity Conducting Wires.

Craving to the necessity I must say that Junction Boxes are not dangerous on the other hand these metallic or plastic boxes are required to avoid any mis-happening like Fires or Electrical Accidents, Over-Heating, Circuit Breaks Down as a result of fires and then Deaths.

It’s clearly against National Electrical Code an US based Agency who clearly approves the installation of Junction Box that no circuit or wires should be mounted on the coverage of the box.  According to article 334.30 published by NEC it is clearly written that no or multiple  wires should be outside the Covering Junction Box however all the wires should be placed and equipped nicely within  the 12 inches JBOX. The NCB agency is used for inspection of wires and installation of cables.

An important point be kept in minds that Junction Box should be mounted on any of celling Walls rather the safe-guard box used installed in a place which is easily reachable and accessible.


The Junction Box having Multiple Circuits are highly accepted by the audience. Safe-Guards comes in different size and shapes as mentioned of which popular one’s are water-proof, rectangular  which are generally 2x 3 inches in size, with depths ranging from 1 1/2 inches to 3 1/2 inches., square Etc.

The Working of Modern Wiring usually includes a ground wire inside a cable which is connected with the Junction Box.

These Electrical Security Equipment’s hold the Branch Circuit and all Electrical Connections from unwanted tampering, whether malicious or unintentional. A Junction Box is generally referred as Standard Junction Box. Don’t abundant the use of Grounded Outlet and Junction Box otherwise high voltage appliances like Microwave, TV, Desktops etc. will catch fire. This will create a worse situation to see in.

Before going further just have a small look on types of Junction Box which are of any shape any size according to the location, place and requirement majorly are – Standard Residential Boxes, Metal or Plastic Junction Box, Round Pan Junction Box, Octagon which is generally round only not in shape of Octagon Junction Box, Ceiling Fan- Rated Electrical Junction Box.


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