Know all about Hard Seltzer Private Labels

Let’s know that hard seltzer will stay here for a long time. The simple reason being these boozy drinks are universal, refreshing, and low in calories, making a place in your refrigerators. What adds icing on the cake is that they are gluten-free, making them a popular mainstream drink. Whether you own a brewery or you’re beginning in the beverage sector with a range of hard seltzers, this is the perfect time to start. However, if you want to know about private label seltzer and more, read on:

Hard Seltzer label requirements

Federal agencies set some requirements for hard seltzer labels. Check them out:

  • Name

What does your drink convey to your customers? Your logo, branding, graphics, and colors attract the highest attention of customers.

Hence, concerning branding, hard seltzers should have this information:

Name of the brand: A significant part of the label usually covers the brand name. Mention it clearly and confidently to gain customer recognition. 

Type or flavor: While it is not always necessary, some brands mention what type of hard seltzer drink it is below the brand name. 

  • Content of the can

It is essential to mention the exact content to your customers. Cans can be big or small, but listing the net content in ounces or fractions is mandatory. How can you present it? For seltzers, it is dry and straightforward:

Fluid ounces: The recommended measurement for hard seltzers is fluid ounces. Make sure the amount is mentioned precisely.

Metric: Some manufacturers also choose metric measurements and list them in total milliliters. This is more of a global metric system and encourages the international sale of your product too. 

  • Product Name

Your hard seltzer may be an artisanal product with a natural flavor, but as per the regulations, nothing should be mentioned on the label. Usually, you can list your hard seltzer under generic names:

Beer: Regulatory bodies often see hard seltzer as beer as it contains similar alcohol content to standard beer.

Malt Beverage: If the seltzer is brewed with malted barley, it needs the malt beverage label.

  • Product location

All products have to show where it was produced, and beverages are included. Hence, all hard seltzer labels should have this information:

Name and address: It should display the manufacturing company and its location on the product, along with the city, street, and state address. 

Origin: It should also include the origin country’s name for imported products. 

  • Nutrition facts label

There is no requirement for nutrition facts labeling. However, according to FDA, hard seltzer labels should have nutrition facts label included:

Serving size: The serving size and the total serving amount should be mentioned on the can.

Calories: the caloric content of the beverage should appear clearly.

Macro-nutrients: Below the caloric content, the macro-nutrient requirements should be mentioned.

Vitamins and Minerals: The nutrition fact panel should have information on all the vitamins and minerals in the hard seltzer.

The size, font, and color of the text should be clear and easy to read. Ensure to follow all the visual standards and make your private label seltzer packing simple.

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