Know About the Easy Credit Card Approval Process

Credit cards have become an integral part of our financial habits. They are the most convenient way to access funds and cater to short-term financial requirements. It enables you to get a credit limit of your choice, pay for your expenses without worrying about finances. However, to get a credit card online, you will need to convince your issuer that you have a stable income and a healthy credit score.

So, do you know the process to get a credit card online? Here is the process of getting your credit card approved easily. 

Applying for a credit card

There are several ways you can opt to get a credit card based on your needs. If you want a credit card, apply online, you can visit one of your nearest branches. You can also apply through promotional stalls set up at various events in shopping malls. 

  • Know the credit card eligibility criteria

Before applying for a credit card, you will need to check the eligibility criteria to get a credit card. Banks offer credit cards based on the following factors: 

Credit score: The first thing that banks check at the time of your application is your credit score. It contains information about your credit history, payment history, and payment. Your credit score indicates your creditworthiness. 

Credit utilization ratio: It is the ratio between your credit card bill and credit limit. It helps banks determine whether or not you are credit-hungry. Therefore, your credit card application approval depends on your credit utilization ratio. 

Loan application: If you apply for multiple credit cards or loans, your application for a credit card will be rejected outright, as you are a risky borrower.

Income: Your credit card loan eligibility also depends on your income. It helps your bank to understand if you can make repayments without any defaults. 

  • Submit the relevant documents to get a credit card

You will have to submit certain documents along with your credit card application. Submitting proper documents enables your credit card issuer to speed up your application approval process. Here are the documents required to get a credit card online:

Identification proof: PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Passport, Voter ID Card, Overseas Citizen of India Card, Person of Indian Origin Card, Job Card issued by NREGA, etc. 

Address proof: Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Passport, Utility Bill (3 months old), Ration Card, Property Registration Document, Person of Indian Origin Card, Job card issued by NREGA, Bank Account Statement, etc.

Income proof: Bank statement, Salary slips, Income Tax Returns (ITR), or Form 16. 

  • Banks process and verify your application

After submitting the requisite documents, your bank will run verification checks on the authenticity of the submitted documents. They will check all your documents and may even call references to verify all the details provided. Your current employer will also be contacted to verify the income that you have mentioned in your application. It is worth noting that the verification process will expedite if you operate a salary account with the bank. 

  • Credit score check

Your credit score is one of the factors in your credit card approval process. Depending on your CIBIL score, your credit card application may get accepted or rejected. It is a three-digit number that indicates whether or not you can make repayments on time. So, after processing and verifying your documents, your bank will check your credit score to be doubly sure about your creditworthiness. Most banks require a minimum CIBIL score of 750 to approve a credit card application. 

  • The final check

After verifying your documents and checking your credit score, your bank will run a final check of all the documents to take a final call on your credit card application. If everything is in proper order, the bank will accept your application and set a credit limit based on your income, credit score. You will receive a call or email informing you about the acceptance of your application. You can receive the approved credit card with all the relevant documentation at your nearby branch or get them delivered to your doorstep. 


It takes about 10 to 15 days for the entire credit card application process, depending on your credit card type and the documents submitted. So, if you want to get a credit card, apply online to avail yourself of a hassle-free application process. However, it is worth noting that your credit card approval depends on your income and credit score.