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Escape Games have been shown to be an all-encompassing experience for people of all ages. Be it, friends, family or colleagues at the office – Escapes Rooms are just the perfect gateway for weekends to test your mental and physical capabilities. From horror, fantasy to adventure – anything and everything the escape enthusiasts will be looking for.

We have compiled a list of four top-rated Escape Room LA experiences you just cannot afford to miss the next time you’re in the mood for some entertainment. We spent hours conducting research and polls while reviewing 9000+ user experiences to ensure we presented unflinching experiences of escape rooms to help you choose the best one for yourself. If you wish to take your imagination and brain for a spin, continue reading!

Best Escape Room Games

Exit: The Game + Puzzle

Exit: The Game + Puzzle – The Deserted Lighthouse may have the series’s longest title, but it also has something quite unique. Players are challenged with solving problems as usual, but they are also tasked with completing jigsaw puzzles to aid them on their route. Gamers are generally impressed by the game’s inventiveness, as it accomplishes feats with jigsaw puzzles that most people would never consider. For gamers who appreciate jigsaw puzzles, the game delivers creativity, intriguing ideas, and jigsaw puzzles.

Ninja Escape: Enter The Machine

Ninja Escape puts you in a world where ninjas maintain order! You and your squad of ninja spies will be up against demonic entities in order to maintain the world’s order. You’ve recently heard tales about an old radical society intent on causing turmoil and wreaking disaster on society. This ancient civilisation,

The Kraken, is rumored to have invented the machine with uncomprehensible abilities which have started summoning tentacled monsters from another realm to this world! While these monstrosities have wreck havoc on the planet, it’s up to you and your ninja team to put an end to the never-ending wave of evil. You must infiltrate The Kraken’s secret lair, locate the machine, and bring it to a halt. You only have 60 minutes on your hand to rescue humanity from complete annihilation!

Peking Dragon – Epic Adventures for Teams

You take on the role of Carmen Sparrow, a private investigator, as you search your memory and piece together clues around your office to solve numerous crimes. Each episode of The Sparrow Files is centred on a separate first-person tale in the “film noir” style. The case in Episode 1 concerns the disappearance and recovery of an artefact: the Peking Dragon. The storey is conveyed via audio and puzzles that advance as you solve further problems and utilise the room’s primary mechanic.

This automated escape room establishes a new benchmark for integrating a fascinating tale into an escape room (and features by far the greatest storey of the 130+ we’ve done). While the setting is a small, unassuming office, the high-tech surprises scattered throughout the space elevate the atmosphere above the mundane. This is a narrative adventure with enjoyable cinematic design choices that gets our pick as best escape room Seattle.

Star Wars: Unlock!

Unlock! is a series of games in which players solve riddles and puzzles using a companion app. The series has been popular for a long period of time, incorporating a variety of diverse themes. When Star Wars: Unlock! was published, it allowed Star Wars fans to participate in the fun in a familiar and beloved setting.

Hourglass – Escapes from Evil Dead 2 

Prepare to confront the evil dead. Ash Williams and his girlfriend paid a visit to the Knowby Cabin in 1987. Unknowingly, Ash summoned Kandarian demons that devoured the soul of his girlfriend. With little hope of defeating them, Ash discovered an incantation in the Book of the Dead and used it to open an interdimensional gateway as a trap.

The powerful interdimensional portal, on the other hand, sucked the entire cabin and Ash into it. The Knowby Cabin has reappeared at Hourglass Escapes without warning. Your mission, as a team of paranormal detectives, is to investigate the strange incident and assist Ash in returning home. You have 70 minutes to escape the time-space vortex before your squad is pulled in.

The Verdict

What do you think of our list? Which Escape Room theme attracts you the most? Let us know in the comment section below. However, the next time you are thinking of making some cool birthday ideas, make sure to give a visit to one of these Escape Rooms. You won’t be disappointed!

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