Know about the 9 Gems Education Scholarship offered by GIIS Pune, Balewadi school

The Balewadi School of the GIIS Smart Campus in Pune has been recognised as the Best School in Teaching Excellence in the Times School Online Education Survey 2020.

The school incorporates an all-inclusive educational structure that includes the awarded 9 gems pedagogy system. The 9 Gems model which is a fusion of both eastern and western educational methods gives equal importance to academic, sports and overall development. The 9Gems model is an ingenious programme that employs a relevant and flexible approach that encourages the students to evolve and grow. It makes the GIIS one of the most promising answers to queries like Best CBSE schools near me or best CBSE schools in Pune.

The nine gems on which GIIS emphasizes are-

●       Academic Excellence

●       Sports Excellence

●       Visual and Performing Arts

●       Personality Development

●       Innovation and Creativity

●       Entrepreneurship & Leadership

●       Universal Values and Ethics

●       Community and Care

●       Skill Development

9​ GEMS scholarship of GIIS is internationally acclaimed among the best educational policies for its unified and unique learning process. The curriculum has won the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for Innovative Product/Service Award 2014 by the Institute of Directors.

To ensure bona fide implementation of the 9 Gems pedagogy, GIIS offers the 9 Gems Holistic Development Scholarship to the students. In GIIS Balewadi campus the scholarship is applicable to students from grade 6-12. With a scholarship tenure of one 1year, it offers the privilege to students who excel in any of the 9 Gems skills to acuminate their innate strengths and mould them into all-around citizens.

The three categories of eligibility mentioned under the 9 Gems Holistic Development Scholarship-

●       Category A- For students receiving recognition in an International event in any of the 9 gems skills, a discount of 20% off is given on the tuition fees.

●       Category B- For students receiving recognition in a National event in any of the 9 gems skills, a discount of 15% off is given on the tuition fees.

●       Category C- For students receiving recognition in a State event in any of the 9 gems skills, a discount of 10% off is given on the tuition fees.

The most important eligibility criterion is that the applicant must be an Indian citizen. Students of GIIS Balewadi campus who have received International or National or State level or Regional level recognition in the spheres of sports or co-curricular activities including visual and performing arts, community service, innovation and entrepreneurship, and have shown remarkable leadership skills are eligible to apply.

Documents required during the application process are-

●       Last one year academic records

●       Certificates, awards, supporting documents in any of the 9Gems categories.

●       Certificates for sports should be under the State/ National/ International Sports (team or individual), SGFI, CBSE Cluster.

●       For performing arts- Certification for Dance/ Music/ Musical Instruments from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya/ Trinity College London/ Torrins Academy and certification for Drawing exam (elementary/ intermediate) under the State Government.

It is mentioned by authorities that applications submitted without appropriate or incomplete support documents will not be accepted.

The whole application process is performed online. After filling up the application form and uploading the required documents, the forms are evaluated based on the scholarship assessment procedure. The successful applicants are notified through an email within 10 working days. The qualified students will have to appear for a scholarship test. Applicants qualifying for the test will then be appearing for a one to one interview. Finally, the scholarship will be disbursed to the selected candidates.