Know About Astrology: A Guide For Beginners

Glossy pages of astrology in magazines, newspapers, and websites easily catch many eyes. Whether you believe in astrology or not, but the facts and information might catch your attention and once you definitely look at the page. 

Astrology is just not about predictions and the position of the stars; it has multiple layers as astrology is a deep field. With the deep study of astrology, one can go beyond the horoscope. To dive into the sea of astrology, the basic step is to know about the natal chart or birth chart as it’s the primary aspect. 

The birth chart is a kind of map that has the position of planets, movement, and the timing at the birth time. Each planet and its position in the birth chart determine the personality and identity of the individuals. Birth charts are used to calculate and state the predictions about an individual. 

What is astrology? 

Astrology is a practice based on the position of the celestial bodies and planets. It shows the traits, identity, energy, and personality of an individual. It also creates a zodiac sign of an individual that is categorized on the position of the Moon at the birth time. 

In astrology, the forecast is revealed using the transit of the planets and their relationship. With the natal chart, one can easily predict the astrology of an individual. However, astrology gives a better prediction of the upcoming events by understanding the current opportunities and aspects of the planets at birth. 

Zodiac signs in astrology

The big three concepts play a significant role in evaluating the appearance and presence in the world. Sun and Moon are the primary signs defining “the Big 3”. Sun represents the outward appearance of an individual; it defies your personality trait. Moon is a sign that defines how the world perceives you as the Moon is an ascendant sign. 

Furthermore, each sign is associated with corresponding elements: water, earth, air, and fire. Astrology has 12 zodiac signs, and each has its own element. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces are water signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn are earth signs, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius are air signs, and Aries, Leo, Sagittarius have fire signs. All the zodiacs have specific personalities and positions depending on their signs. 

All the 12 zodiac signs have different positive and negative character attributes that are mentioned below: 

  • Aries- People born March 21–April 19 have this zodiac sign. It’s the topmost sign in the series of zodiac signs and the stubbornest of all zodiac signs. It’s a fire sign, the ram, and an ambitious sign. 
  • Taurus- Taurus is an earthy sign, the bull; people born on April 20–May 20 have this sign. This sign is considered loyal, inflexible, practical, patient, and lazy. 
  • Gemini- The third zodiac in astrology is Gemini, the bull with air signs and good characteristics such as versatility, curiosity, and good communication but is also inconsistent in work. People born on May 21–June 21 have this sign. 
  • Cancer- It’s a crab sign having watery features, and people born on June 22–July 22 have this sign with a sympathetic, nurturing, and moody nature. 
  • Leo- The next zodiac is Leo, a fiery lion with a soft nature, loves outgoing, and is playful. They also have negative characteristics such as being arrogant and narcissistic. July 23–August 22, people have Leo zodiac signs. 
  • Virgo- Virgo is a perfectionist zodiac that has earthy signs. People born on August 23–September 22 have this sign that they have analytical, modest, and discriminative nature. They are critical as well as fussy. 
  • Libra- People born on September 23–October 23 have libra signs and air elements. Libra has a diplomatic nature, but they are also social buds and cooperative in nature. 
  • Scorpio- People born on October 24–November 21 are mysterious in nature and have water signs. They have transformative power as they easily adapt to any atmosphere and are emotional. 
  • Sagittarius- It’s enthusiastic and has a fire sign. November 22–December 21 born people have this sign that are recognized as idealistic, social, and optimistic but also have some traits of irresponsibility. 
  • Capricorn- This sign is also recognized as the grandfather of zodiacs that has an earthy sign, the goat, and are more focused on their career and restrictive. 
  • Aquarius- The water wearer sign, Aquarius has an air sign. People whose birth date is between January 20 and February 18 have this sign and are considered independent and inventive. 
  • Pisces- It’s the last zodiac sign having watery fish. People born on February 19–March 20 have this zodiac and are recognized as imaginative, dreamy, and compassionate. 

Final Thought

The basics of astrology are zodiac signs and birth charts that have different universal aspects. Learning astrology is not just a matter of fun, but it also introduces future aspects by giving precise predictions. To deeply understand the broad concept of astrology, one should start from small by getting and understanding small concepts.