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I bought my first home at the beginning of the year—an amazing farmhouse that’s more than 100 years old—and while I absolutely love all the character in its wavy window panes and original hardwood floors, there’s one thing I’m less than thrilled about. The kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s totally functional and gets the job done, but the room definitely lacks modern conveniences and efficient storage. For instance, the shelves in the cupboards are fixed at a too-short height that can’t fit bottles of olive oil, and the old-fashioned drawers don’t have gliders, so they’re always getting stuck. So naturally, I’m planning a number of upgrades to the space (some ASAP and others further down the road) and relying heavily on the help of Pinterest.

14 Kitchen Storage Ideas You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

  1. A Convenient Spot for Cleaning Supplies
  2. Home for Unwieldy Baking Trays
  3. Pull-Out Cutting Board Above the Trash
  4. Cool, Convenient Compartments for Spices
  5. Under-the-Sink Drawer

Kitchens can collect a lot of clutter. Save space (and a little sanity) with these storage and organization ideas.

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20 Kitchen Storage Ideas That Will Free up So Much Space

Hang a Pegboard

Get Smart with Under-the-Sink Storage

Keep Spices in Drawers

Designate a Space for Lids

Add a Lazy Susan

The kitchen might be the busiest room in your house, but it needn’t be the most chaotic. We’ve chosen some of our favourite organisation and storage ideas from kitchens around the world to help make your mealtimes easier and more enjoyable.

Make it easy for everyone to help themselves in the kitchen with open storage. Keeping crockery and glasses next to the dishwasher and sink makes restocking the shelves a much speedier process.

Smart ideas for kitchen storage

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Everyday routines

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