6 Distinctive Kitchen Splashback Ideas You Can Use

Don’t have a big budget to give your kitchen the much-needed facelift? Don’t worry; you can still update your kitchen at an affordable price-point by just changing the splashback, ditching the complete kitchen makeover. Besides, the new kitchen splashback you install has the potential to transform the space and make a statement.

Forget full-fledged kitchen renovation and the high cost associated with it; instead, change the splashback and give a quick upgrade to your kitchen at cost-effective prices. Here are fresh and distinctive splashback ideas that you can use right away:

  • Arabesque Tiles

Repetitive vegetal or geometrical designs are known as the arabesque style, which underpins the Moroccan design. If you need a unique and unparalleled effect, opt for Arabesque tiles. As they come in an unusual shape, they can be pricier to purchase and install, but the unusual vibe they can lend to your kitchen is invaluable.

  • Stainless Steel Splashback or Tiles

Install stainless steel splashback or stainless steel tiles to get a sophisticated and contemporary look. This option can enhance your kitchen at an affordable price point. This style suits an industrial style kitchen and harmonises stunningly when paired with stainless steel sinks, kitchen appliances and light fixtures. Bear in mind that it won’t suit all kitchen styles – for instance, it would not suit a traditional, farmhouse or classic kitchen.

  • Marble Splashback

Both marble and imitation marble white splashback can instantly make your kitchen look beautiful and magnificent. This majestic feature is expensive but can make an impression, the moment it is installed in the room. Either you can get marble splashback as a standalone feature or contain marble benchtops that are continued up the wall to achieve a unified outcome. Nonetheless, marble can stain easily, so it may not suit all cooking habits and lifestyles.

  • Mirror Splashback

Mirror splashbacks add stunning splendour and light up and enlarge the space in which they reside. Mirror glass splashback can effortlessly add dimension, volume and depth, and have the capability to augment your kitchen, so this could be the ideal choice for upgrading a small kitchen.

The toughened glass used for making splashback is not like the regular mirrors. Glass is toughened through a rigorous heating and cooling process. Remember, mirror splashback demands industrious cleaning, else grime and dust can swiftly reduce the shiny new look of your splashback.

  • Black Splashback

If your kitchen has white cabinets and finishes, then lend intense contrast and depth to your kitchen with a stunning black splashback. Contemporary and simple yet makes a bold statement. Black splashback goes with any home decor or furnishings and suits a vast array of preferences. Plus, it can boost the resale value of the property.

  • Copper Splashback

The copper splashback is very hygienic, versatile, distinctive and classy, and they are getting more and more popular. As copper is antimicrobial, it kills nearly 99.99% of bacteria that cause healthcare-related illnesses. If you’re someone who longs for neat, clean and bacteria-free sanitary kitchen, then you can achieve it by installing copper splashback.

Final Words

You’re not limited to these splashbacks, as the list of splashback choices and possibilities are endless. But these are the six distinctive kitchen splashback ideas that you can use to give new life to your dull and boring kitchen affordably.