Kitchen Lighting Trends to Elevate and Illuminate Cooking Spaces

Kitchens are not just meant for cooking. This space has graduated to becoming the heart of a house where people gather, read, work, socialize, and entertain guests while a meal is being prepared. 

Hence, an increasing number of homeowners are spending their hard-earned money to upgrade their cooking spaces with professional-style appliances and cooking capabilities. 

One of the prime aspects of kitchen decor is lighting. The right lighting can provide a useful and purposeful atmosphere while ensuring safety, cleanliness, and ease of visibility. Hence, it helps to know the latest kitchen lighting trends, allowing you to make the right choice when redesigning your cooking space. 

Here are some top trends for you to consider if you are considering a kitchen remodel in the coming year. 

Trend #1 – Combination Lighting Is Taking Cooking Spaces by Storm 

A family does a lot in kitchens. Hence, the lighting applied to this space should add functional and aesthetic value to it. One sure-shot way of achieving this is through plan zones and layers of illumination in the area. 

Since cooking spaces serve multiple purposes, combination lighting in the form of spots, LED lighting, pendant lights, and more should be considered. 

For instance, low bay lighting is known to render a pleasant atmosphere in kitchens. The uniform light allows homeowners to illuminate the entire space, allowing them to find what they are looking for comfortably. 

Modern kitchens demand combination lighting that creates zones for different tasks. Hence, installing a mix of lights for practical purposes and creating different ambiances is becoming increasingly important. Using various lights for functionality and aesthetics makes the cooking space more flexible and enjoyable. 

Hence, you will continue to see designers and interior decor experts using a combination of lights in kitchens. 

Trend #2 – Curves Continue to Gain Popularity 

Orblike or circular lighting fixtures, whether pendants or chandeliers are gaining popularity because of their versatility and aesthetic appeal. These fixtures make stunning focal points for cooking spaces. 

For instance, retro-industrial globe pendant lights with iconic design features like frosted glass or unlacquered brass hardware are a popular choice in kitchens. These fixtures add an old-world charm while elevating a modern and eclectic kitchen.

In fact, pendants are becoming a perennial favorite in kitchens. Such curved light pendants are replacing chandeliers as a focal-point fixture over kitchen islands, kitchen bars, and dining areas. These fixtures create a stunning visual effect while boosting task light over the cooking space. 

In kitchens, there’s a renewed desire for creating a serene and calming environment. Hence, more and more people are moving away from complex geometric designs to minimal and simple shapes like circles and curves. 

Going forward, we see a surge in demand for statement pendants and sculptural lights with soft curves. 

Trend #3 – Clear Glass Lighting Fixtures Are in Style

The lighting trends in kitchens are rapidly shifting towards elegant hand-blown clear glass fixtures. These fixtures bypass the visual imposition of weightier lighting and ensure illumination wherever needed. 

No wonder, clear glass light fittings are preferred over kitchen islands and dining tables. Since these lights fulfill the role of task and ambient lighting one doesn’t need to invest in multiple fittings. They illuminate the space without making it feel cluttered or heavy. 

The clear glass offers a subtle glow, marrying the contemporary look with vintage. Hence, these lights will never go out of style. 

Trend #4 – Metallics Are Back But Subtle

Glitz, glamor, and metallics aren’t all out! These lighting fixtures have always been applied to spaces to amp up the glam quotient. However, shining metals are being used minus too many frills because these unnecessarily dominate the space.

For instance, traditional chandeliers with draped beading, polished nickel finishing, and crystal are being toned down to boost the luxe element of cooking spaces. 

The modern homeowner wants bespoke lighting fixtures that use sophisticated materials and design details. 

For instance, brass with black powder-coated light fittings creates a curated look in the cooking space. The lighting can be paired with mixed cabinet hardware throughout for a chic appeal. 

Such subtle lighting installations balance the overall kitchen design while making a statement. 

Trend #5 – Natural Materials Are In Vogue

There’s no denying that metallic lighting fixtures are classic. But natural and muted lighting materials like jute, wood, rope, burlap, linen, and twine can leave anyone smitten because of their earth-tone shades, unmatched texture, warmth, and coziness. 

These natural materials are being paired with gold, brass, nickel, and oil-rubbed hardware to elevate the cooking experience. Applying these elements in kitchen lighting is a great way to balance nature with restrained glamor. 

No wonder, these natural materials are being increasingly applied to kitchen space lighting to elevate the cooking experience. 

In the coming year, you can expect designers and homeowners to continue using natural materials to add rustic chic while creating a comforting and familiar environment in the cooking area. 

Trend #6 – LED Sculptural Lights Are Making a Statement

Though kitchens demand functional light fittings, modern interior designers and savvy homeowners are opting for sculptural pieces. These attractive fittings have the power to transform the cooking space by reflecting light rays in dazzling ways. 

In fact, these days malleable LED lights are being applied to add a fresh and artsy appeal to the cooking area while adding extra illumination. 

Early next year, Title of Work’s artist and designer Jonathan Meizler will be releasing an interesting collection of LED sculptural lights. These chic fixtures are expected to be in trend for some time.  

Summing Up 

Your cooking space could be beige, boring, and pleasureless in the absence of the right lighting fixtures. The right light can add interest to your kitchen while allowing its users to perform their activities with ease and comfort. 

Use the lighting trends shared above to guide you when you consider remodeling or upgrading your kitchen. 


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