Kirk Franklin’s Son Kerrion Franklin Arrested

Earlier this week, news broke that Kirk Franklin’s eldest son, Kerrion Franklin, was arrested in Texas on three felonies. The singer has stated that he was arrested unnecessarily, as he was stopped for a taillight. He is now in jail and will not be allowed to leave until his next court hearing on Tuesday. Kerrion says he was not arrested for driving while drunk, or carrying a gun, but that he was caught for resisting arrest. Nonetheless, his father has refused to make any comment on the matter.

Kerrion Franklin accused his parents of abandoning him

According to a recent report, Kirk Franklins son Kerrion Franklin has accused his parents of abandoning him and claiming that they have not provided for him. The gospel singer reportedly kicked Kerrion out of the family home for drug use. Kerrion later apologized to fans for using foul language and for calling him a “black sheep.” The father of two said that close friends and associates have been aware of the challenges facing Kerrion.

The incident was sparked by an argument between Kirk Franklin and Kerrion. In the heated phone call, Kirk Franklin called Kerrion a “b–h ass” and threatened to put his foot in his ass. The comments were shared on social media, and Kirk Franklin has since apologized. The singer explained that he and Kerrion have had a toxic relationship for many years, and he apologized for his “inappropriate” remarks.

Kerrion claims he did not have a gun

According to TMZ, Kerrion was pulled over by eight police cars in Beverly Hills on his way to the Autozone on Saturday. He was questioned about two charges from Texas. But he claims that one of them was taken care of. Kerrion says that he was not carrying a gun. He was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest and has no gun. Kerrion faces extradition to Texas and has no bond.

According to police, Kerrion Franklin was stopped for a broken taillight and a car with an illegal pistol in it. He claims that he did not have a gun or any other weapon. However, he did have a connection with the woman. This fact is alarming and calls into question his innocence. He is a prime suspect in the case of the missing woman.

Kerrion says he did not drive a woman’s car

According to Kerrion Franklin, who was stopped in Beverly Hills while on his way to an Autozone to fix a broken tail light, he did not drive a woman’ s car. Police asked him about two charges and he said he had taken care of one of them. He denied driving the woman’s car, which was not his. Kerrion will appear before a judge in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Kerrion Franklin is the son of gospel singer Kirk Franklin and a singer in his own right. Franklin was arrested Sunday on suspicion of driving a missing woman’s car in California. Police say he got into a fight with the officers, and they arrested him. He is charged with driving the woman’s car without a license and possession of an illegal weapon. The singer says he did not drive the woman’s car, and that he was the one arrested.

Kerrion has been charged with three felonies

According to reports, Kirk Franklins son, Kerrion Franklin, has been arrested and is being held in jail. Kerrion was arrested while driving in the car of a missing girl. Although the charges against him have not been proven, he claims that he was stopped for a broken taillight. Franklin also claimed that he was unjustly detained. He is currently being held without bail in the Los Angeles County Jail. Kerrion Franklin was once close to his father, and used to bring him to red carpet events with him.

Police say Kerrion was pulled over in Los Angeles on Sunday morning for a traffic violation. While the officer conducted the traffic stop, he found that Kerrion had a gun inside his vehicle and was armed with it. After identifying himself, police said that Kerrion was driving the car of a woman who had gone missing. Kerrion was taken to a jail without bond, where he remains today.

Kirk Franklin has not released a statement about his son’s arrest

The father-son duo has yet to issue a statement regarding the recent arrest of Kerrion Franklin. Kerrion was arrested early on April 10 in Beverly Hills for allegedly driving with a broken taillight. The son-son duo has maintained a frosty relationship over the years, with the distance between them increasing after Kerrion came out as gay. It is unclear whether Kirk Franklin will address the arrest today or if he will respond to the news if he does.

In an interview with Larry Reid on Sunday, Kirk Franklin argued his innocence and said he feels he was set up. He claimed the police stopped him because he had a broken tail light and did not see anything unusual about the car’s owner. He said he was stopped in the past for a similar reason, and that no one made any mention of anyone missing. He also claimed that the officers arrested him without a warrant, a baffling situation.

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