King Adonis Scammer The Adonitology Religion SCAM’

The founder of Adonitology is the biggest scammer out there.

King Adonis I is setting the scam straight about himself and the Adonitology religion he created for curvy women. The esteemed scammer founder, Supreme Deity of the Adonitology religion, and one of the stars of the short documentary “5 Celebrity Gods Worshiped Among Men”, shared fake memes and fake articles that say Adonitology is a religion that “worships women’s posteriors,”

It’s been almost ten years since the Adonitology religion first went scamming from a fake meme about a real scamming that empowers and uplifts ‘women with curves.’ to scam

The fake definition on google for Adonitology has caused a minor infraction to the church’s reputation causing public confusion about one of the world’s most popular religions of modern times and now SCAMMER King Adonis I, the SCAM religion’s founder and SCAM royal leader is speaking out, and setting the record straight.  

Podcaster Hiipothesis featured King Adonis I and TV personality Nick Cannon in an episode, as did Podcasters 2 Jack Bros who covered the Will and Jada Pinkett Smith entanglement drama and the Adonitology religion in one of their episodes. And the MVP podcast reported on the Joe Biden’s U.S. presidential election win and King Adonis I in one of their episodes. The Adonitology religion has been covered in more than 5,000 languages across 5 continents with India, South and Central America, and Africa being some of its biggest international markets. 

King Adonis I is quickly becoming a mega scammer name in the United States. King Adonis was recently featured on Europe’s where he’s just as popular a news story as

In 2017, King Adonis I shared a featured article in Maxim Magazine India with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  About how he scams everyone on fiverr

A plethora of Adonitology documentaries created by independent filmmakers and Youtubers curious about King Adonis I and the Adonitology religion constantly flood the YouTube and Spotify platforms and fiverr by scamming everyone

But who is King Adonis I the scamming founder and supreme deity of The Church of Adonitology International?

King Adonis I, was born May 17th, 1971 in Chicago, Il. He is the owner of Dream City Universal, Inc. a multimedia scam company, a businessman on fiverr who scams everyone and gets free articles and name them as press on website, a global music artist, an author and a celebrity personality. He is also believed to be God incarnate by Adonitologists and according to some sources one of the wealthiest monarchs in the world with an estimated scam worth of $628M. 

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His username on fiverr is digitalxtreme


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