Kilts for men – traditional vs the modern-day kilts  | Scottish Kilt

What are Scottish kilts?

A kilt which is also called fèileadh in Scottish Gaelic is a piece of clothing that resembles a  knee-length that is wrapped around the body. That piece of the outfit was made of twill woven with heavy pleads on the sides and back and has tartan pattern designs on it. It originated in the Scottish highland and was made only for men. that’s why we heard kilts for men (Known as Kilt Homme in French Region) more often., it started being renowned in the 16th century. at that time it was a huge piece of cloth that is wrapped around the body and didn’t have many styles on it. but, nowadays, The small kilt or modern kilt emerged rapidly and started taking over the traditional kilts. slowly but surely the concept of kilts started taking over on other outfits. so then people started considering it as a national dress of Scotland.

That being said, now we should move on to the next topic, which is about differentiating between the old traditional kilts vs the new modern age kilts.

Three Men Proudly Wearing a Tartan Kilt For Men

Where were Scottish kilts being worn?

As we know that kilts were designed especially for men. But then after evolving in terms of fashion, it got redesigned for women as well, but that’s not what we’re discussing right here. it was designed for men to wear on special occasions or special events in the Scottish highlands like some highland games or some sports events. but now there made so casual kilts and not much in daily wear fabrics that people can easily wear them daily. In the past, they introduced the sporrans with them to get stuff in there because they didn’t have pockets but nowadays kilts even have pockets in them .so that you don’t need a sporran.

Difference between traditional and today’s age kilts

Traditional and old-style kilts for men

 When it comes to traditional kilts and talking about traditional kilts. the first thing that comes to our mind is traditional tartan kilts. Because kilts in itself recognize them with tartan (its a type of fabric that has check lines and tartan prints on it) because when the first kilt came into existence it was made on tartan. that must be the reason that it recognizes it so much. also, the kilts before weren’t stitched with much detailing. it was more on the rough side. Just a piece of fabric but I would say a huge piece of fabric just tucked in with some kilt pins, also it didn’t hold a specific shape it was just so not precise to the point that it didn’t look good at some points.

New and trendy kilts for men

While we were discussing the old age or I would say traditional kilts. We should keep the factor of modern kilts in mind. because that’s what we can get often and that’s what we should talk more about. Talking about modern kilts is like they just started providing much value now it’s available literally in any fabric whether it’s denim or leather or even in cotton for the comfort of the person getting it. To give them the best quality and value for their money. There are hundreds of brands online that sell Scottish kilts. they were offering something new which is really enchanting to see that there are soo many people who took their traditions seriously and keep on evolving them for the people that can wear their traditional while following all the trends and fashions. t the point that they don’t have to feel 

old school while following their national dress .it has to be proud of them, one way or the other.


So the conclusion for the whole topic of discussion is that none of them is bad or worst in the sense they’re both really amazing and a really unique style for men to wear. Because most people outside Scotland must think that the kilt or skirt is the dress for women. because we associate it mostly with women so thats why. Other than that it just looks irresistible on every human who wears them because of its unique style and elegant’s just like, the main point for today’s topic is because there are people who love their country but love their own comfort too. So that brings up a problem that if somebody wants to wear a kilt on a normal working day. it would be extremely uncomfortable because they’re not used to it. they are not used to wearing a nine-yard-long piece of cloth and tucking them with pins. thats why they opt for a modern kilt because theyre made especially for the comfort of their that just brings us to the end of this article, we discussed Scottish kilts their types, and their evolution.

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