Kids Playground Equipment You Did Not Know About

Most kids remember the day their parents took them to the local park and they got to roam around and play. As a kid, the excitement and enjoyment that you had experienced that first day and every day from then on, at the park seemed unfathomable. For you, that was the pinnacle of joy.

Even remembering that experience, reminiscing on the good times, makes our heart flutter, with childish joy. That childish giddy smile that takes over your face when you talk about the fun time you had at the park, with your parents or your grandparents! Isn’t it beautiful? Now, what If I told you half the Outdoor Play Equipment that you witnessed there, you don’t know the name of?

It would be an educated guess, considering that you were incredibly young and were mostly interested in enjoying the ride rather than spending an idle moment learning the name of it. 

So, today let us just unfold all the fun and happy memories that we have at the back of our memory closet and learn the names of the rides that gave you so much joy! The unknown hero that made your childhood beautiful. 

The Merry-go-round

These are commonly seen in most parks. They are big flat disks that are attached to the ground. Kids like to ride them and spin around. One of the groups stays on the ground to spin it, by holding on to one of the handles on the ride, made for the kids to have something to grasp on, and running on the ground in circles. 

Once the thing gets enough momentum, the kids let it go and the thing spins around like a top.

The older children usually do one thing differently. The one that spins the thing around runs in circles for a while and then jumps onto it. The kids usually leave after a while because they feel dizzy from all the spinning. 

It is a hilarious scene, watching the kids tumble down from the spinning disk and try to walk with wobbly legs on the ground. The laughs are on both sides, however. The adrenaline rush is quite addicting. 

It was always those kids that are a bit too excited that would try to get down from the thing while they are still dizzy and tumble over the edge of the disk. They would fall and the other kids would laugh, and then that kid would get up and laugh with the others. 

Childhood is that weird magical time when you can laugh at your own mistakes. 


This one is very scientific playing equipment. There remains a giant plant of wood that is balanced upon a fulcrum. When a kid sits on both sides, the wood plant goes up and down as the kids balance their weights on either side. It is also known in some places as a teeter-totter.

The see-saws nowadays are much modernized. The plank is made partially with iron pipes which help with the longevity and tensile strength of the whole playing equipment. 

The most recent and modernized version of the equipment is one with a spring. With the spring, the side of the kid that is still on the see-saw does not fall as quickly. This modern addition to the machine has taken a lot away from the potential dangers that could have been caused by the thing. 

This thing in a children’s playground was always filled with a bunch of small kids that just impatiently waited for their turn. The loud giggles from the kids when their side of the plank went up filled the park. The cacophony of the other whiny kids that wanted to get on the thing, roared over the rest of the park. 

While reminiscing on the fond memories of one’s childhood, it seems as if it passed away too quickly. Does it not? It feels like grasping on to that one moment of utter and pure joy seems should have been what you should have done. Instead, you lived through it to reach for more. 

But in the end, if you do happen to go to a park with your child or a niece or a nephew, make sure to relive your childhood moments with the Outdoor Play Equipment that they have at the park. You never know when your familiar playing equipment becomes a thing of the past.