Kids on the Yard Building Up Children with its Unique Model of Learning

The US-based company Kids on the Yard is an organization of well-experienced educators and teachers qualified to chisel the best qualities in children.  Educators build bright futures for their students through a 21st-Century Whole Child Approach Tutoring, including Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Tools and academic growth, coupled with a sense of responsibility for their coming years. 

The unique tutoring model and concept gives a child the personalized attention missing in the everyday classroom for struggling learners, an approach developed by Sarah Katrina Maruani over the last 13 Years. This individualized approach and care for each student is how Kids on the Yard makes a difference in children’s lives. That is why this organization has created its own original space in the wide academic field.

They are backed by their efficient academic staff and child development psychologies, who are involved in their educational journey.  This organization imbibes them with all the qualities, following a Whole Child Approach Tutoring and homeschooling.  

Kids on the Yard operates throughout US states, having offices in the US cities of Florida, California, Austin, Nevada, Cambridge, Oregon, and Colorado, has created its own mark in the educational system with its proven ability to bring the qualities out of the children to make them do very well in their classes.

Practically speaking, homeschooling support from Kids on the Yard has made an indelible imprint in the USA. It supports children of all ages, starting from Pre-K and Primary, Mid School, High School, and College, encompassing student’s gifts. Each student is mentored by their teacher from Kids on the Yard to express their inner qualities.  

Kids on the Yard is mainly known in the USA for initiating a new trend of complete student development, enabling growth for a collective future. Today, it is a known entity in the USA, earning parents tremendous trust and excitement of students of all grades. Over the years, what the founder Sarah Katrina Marunai has learned the most about life and learning is: “Life happens on the Yard and the classroom.”  In short, the organization has revolutionized education, adding new dimensions to it. Its unique academic model enables a child to take up any challenge of life while thriving in their future.
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