Kickboxing Classes: Everything You Need to Know

Are you stuck in a workout rut and looking for a more high-energy fitness routine? If so, have you considered signing up for kickboxing classes in London?

Kickboxing is perfect for an individual looking for a more high-energy workout. That’s because this form of martial art combines moves from karate and boxing. Kickboxing involves punching, kicking and footwork, ensuring a full-body, heart-pumping workout. 

Anybody can reap the benefits of kickboxing classes. So, whether you are a gym enthusiast or a newbie, signing up for kickboxing workouts can help you stay active, fit and healthy. 

Benefits of Kickboxing Classes for Adults and Children

Weight Loss

As mentioned above, kickboxing workouts help you work out every possible muscle in your body. Such workouts hit your core, glutes, hamstrings, shoulder and back muscles. That helps your body burn fat, ensuring a toned body.

Besides toning your muscles, kickboxing involves a lot of sweating. That helps your body release toxins, such as alcohol and waste products. As your body detoxifies, it also eliminates excess salts, which helps prevent conditions such as kidney stones.

Stress Relief

Most people always turn to wine for stress relief after a long day at work. But have you tried kickboxing? Kickboxing allows you to punch and kick a bag as much as possible within the hour. It is a perfectly healthy and fun way to get rid of the day’s frustrations. 

Kickboxing can also positively impact your moods. Such physical workouts involve aerobic and anaerobic exercises, both of which stimulate the release of endorphins. These hormones trigger changes in different parts of the brain, improving stress, anxiety and depression. So, if you always feel stressed after work, you might consider signing up for these kickboxing London classes. 

Better Sleep

Besides helping you feel better during the day, kickboxing exercises can help you sleep better at night. Research has shown that regular exercise can help improve sleep quality. Who doesn’t want to sleep better and longer?

When you work out, your bodily muscles tire significantly. That helps increase the time you spend in deep sleep. The body uses these deep sleep phases to restore physically, which boosts your immune function and enhances your cardiac health. 

Besides improving sleep quality, effective kickboxing exercises can help increase sleep amounts. As these physical exercises demand energy, you will often feel tired after a workout, which helps extend the duration of your nightly rest. 

Improve Your Self-Defence Tactics

Besides its health benefits, signing up for kickboxing classes can help enhance your self-defence tactics. You can use these moves and skills outside class whenever the need arises. In most cases, your instructor will call out a wide range of moves as you perform them in class. If you ever find yourself in any difficult situations, these moves may come in handy and potentially save your life. 

It goes without saying, but you might never get to use these moves on anyone. With a super toned body and tiptop posture, people might think twice before making you their target. 

How to Start Kickboxing Classes

Find and Sign Up for Classes

Once you find the best kickboxing in London, it is time to sign up for classes. It is always advisable to communicate with several instructors and observe a class before you sign up. 

Observing kickboxing sessions helps you determine if it is the best one for you. During these sessions, check out various details, such as the gender and age mix, what the lessons consist of and the teacher’s qualifications. 

It is also essential to consider the professional qualifications of the instructor. Ideally, a trainer should be certified by the relevant authorities and possess a licence to conduct business within the region. 

Purchase the Right Kickboxing Gear

After signing up for the classes, it is time to invest in the right kickboxing gear. The primary purpose of proper gear is to ensure your safety and that of other people in the class. They are also essential in ensuring your comfort during the exercises. 

Some of the gear you will need for your kickboxing classes include:



Mouth guard

Shin guards

Grippy sneakers

Hair tie (if you have long hair)

During the workouts, ensure you wear comfortable clothes. Additionally, avoid any jewellery as this could get caught on things, leading to injuries. 

Final Thoughts

Kickboxing classes are a great way to spruce up your routine and experience something different. If you haven’t tried it yet, there is a great chance you will like it so much that it becomes an integral part of your workout routine. The key to success in kickboxing classes is choosing the right class and instructor. So, ensure you invest time and effort in finding the right kickboxing classes. For more information about kickboxing classes London, check out Xen-Do Kickboxing. 

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