Key Things To See Before Selecting A Coin Portfolio Management System

If you have invested in cryptocurrencies and are not using a tracker, you may be losing on the rallies. Indeed, the prices of cryptocurrencies are much less stable compared to stocks. Fluctuations in their prices are sometimes frustrating for investors. However, suave investors track the prices and sell parts of their portfolio at the most opportune moment. This is why you need to track your crypto portfolio. If your portfolio has more than bitcoin, tracking is all the more relevant. This is because bitcoin has ceased to be the only happening cryptocurrency. Other coins like dogecoin, litecoin, etc too experience rallies and help investors reap windfalls. 

Coin Portfolio Management

Whether you are a regular investor or a one-time investor, you must be inclined to reap dividends when there is an increase in the price of bitcoins. Since a cryptocurrency rally is more unpredictable than a stock market rally, you need to be on the lookout for a rally. This is why you need a decent coin portfolio management system with a tracking tool. This can help you in tracking every cryptocurrency in your portfolio such as bitcoin, etherium, litecoin, etc.

Cryptocurrency Price Vis-A-Vis Real Currency

There are systems like cointracker crypto which can help you get the price of each cryptocurrency in different currencies such as US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Hong Kong Dollars, Japanese Yen, and more. So, no matter which country you are in and which currency you are using you can track the price of each type of cryptocoin that you have in your portfolio.

Selecting A Coin Portfolio Management System

If you are looking for a portfolio management system for investing in cryptocurrencies, you need to consider some points. One of the most important factors that you should look for in such a system is the protection of privacy. 

Privacy Policy is Very Important 

You need to make sure that the system puts up a disclaimer about the protection of privacy. Otherwise, all the data about your investment may land in the hands of unscrupulous entities. So, if you want a system to track your crypto portfolio and also manage it, make sure that the system offers a strict privacy policy. 

Key Terms Of Privacy Policy

You need to see that the tracking system offers some basic policy terms for the security of your investment. These may include –

  • Protection of personal data against loss, theft, unauthorized access, copying, disclosure, use, or modification by using security safeguards.
  • Making customers aware of changes in policies and practices related to the management of personal data.
  • Opting out of specific services that serve the purposes of tracking, analytics, developing applications, etc. 


If you are interested to invest in crypto but are not sure about how to make it a long-term investment, you need to consider a coin tracker crypto that can help you manage your portfolio and track every single cryptocurrency. However, while selecting one such cryptocurrency you need to consider the security of your data. This is very important. So, make sure that it puts up some significant policy terms explicitly on their website. 

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