Congratulations on your new baby! As you look forward to putting together the first wardrobe of your baby’s new life, this guide will help you determine the best baby outfits. Safety and comfort should be your utmost priority when buying baby clothes as you want to have an easy time with them. One of the difficulties many parents face is that they have never mastered the art of choosing baby clothes. It can be challenging, especially with all the fashion and styles for baby clothes in the market. Plus, you are getting all sorts of advice from your family, friends, in laws, neighbors, and you end up with conflicting ideas. Here are the most important things to check when shopping for baby clothes.


Babies and especially newborns, are delicate and have very sensitive skin. Before you excitedly purchase that cute outfit for your baby girl or boy, first check the type of fabric. You don’t want your baby to develop some allergic reaction and start going back to the hospital. Most parents prefer baby clothes made from cotton fabric, which is gentle on the baby’s skin. Other materials such as silky smooth and soy-based fabrics are also suitable as they are organic hence unharmful to the baby’s skin. Avoid fabrics such as nylon and polyester because of their inability to absorb moisture, which is necessary to regulate the baby’s temperature.


Baby’s grow very fast, so size is a crucial factor to consider when shopping their clothes. You don’t want to buy an outfit and find out that it is too small for your baby. That is a waste of your hard-earned money. When buying baby’s clothes, consider their growth rate and buy a slightly bigger outfit to accommodate their fast growth. But do not buy a huge size that appears ridiculous on your baby. Ensure the outfit fits the baby right and allows for ease of movement.

Style and functionality

Consider the style and functionality of the baby’s outfit before you buy. Newborns tend to spend more time sleeping, so jumpsuits come in handy. Remember that they require frequent diaper changes, so choose a baby’s outfit that is easy to remove and put on. Baby outfits with snaps or zippers are very functional as they don’t require too much effort to change in and out of.

Neck size

The neck size is another thing you should check when buying your baby clothes. The neckline of the outfit should not be too tight as it can strangle the baby. Again it should not be too loose or hanging on the neck side. Buy baby clothes with well-fitting necklines.

The season

When shopping for baby clothes, buy season-appropriate outfits depending on your geographical area. For instance, if you are shopping in January, consider outfits more appropriate for spring, such as lightweight baby outfits. If it is in the winter season, you need to buy more warm baby clothes. If you are shopping online, be sure to read the outfit descriptions, telling you if the fabric is heavy or lightweight. Ensure the outfit is season-appropriate so that the baby can utilize it right away before they grow out of it.


Given the factors mentioned above, you are now ready to shop smart for your baby’s clothes. With that dressing, your baby only gets easier.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.