Key Elements to Develop a Successful iOS App

Have you ever wondered- Why some iOS mobile apps are successful while others are not?

Well, there’s a subtle difference between a successful and an unsuccessful iOS app!

Even a minute mistake in the app development may cost you a fortune!

Let’s face it!

Building a successful iOS app demands more than you think! From the latest tech stack to hands-on experience, there’s a lot more involved in making your app stand out!

Now, the question arises- How to build a good iOS app? What are the key factors to consider while building an iOS app?

Let’s dive in!

Understanding iOS App Development

In layman’s language, iOS app development is the process of creating apps, specifically for Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. Unlike Android, these apps are not open-source which makes them secure and safe to install. Furthermore, iOS apps are made in two major programming languages, including Swift and Objective-C.

Speaking of their popularity, the Apple app store has 4.5 billion apps. And there is nearly 58% market share in the US market, as of 2023 reports.

Well, that’s the power of iOS apps!

Though iOS apps are incredibly popular, building one from scratch could be daunting!

But not anymore!

In this guide, we’ll discuss the key elements to build a successful iOS app!

Key Elements to Develop a Strong & Successful iOS App

Let’s take a look at the factors to keep in mind while building a good iOS app.

Element #1: Understanding Your Target Audience

When it comes to iOS app development, always keep your target audience in mind to get the right start. Ensure you conduct in-depth and strict market research to build an app that resonates with your audience. During research, consider the pain points of the user and what they want in an app. Furthermore, try to understand your competitors’ strategy, and user demographics, and collect feedback from multiple user bases.

Element #2: Designing Aspect is Crucial

Remember that designing is the first and most important aspect that a user sees while interacting with your app. If your app’s beautiful, they will likely interact with your app for a long. Otherwise, they will close it immediately and later uninstall it. Focus on personalized designs, engaging visuals, functional animations, and more. In addition to designing, ensure your app has minimal screen loading time. Well, you don’t want to build an app that takes minutes to load, do you? Thus, making your app quick to load will engage your audience more and save time and effort.

Element #3: Consider Performance

Irrespective of your audience’s age group, everybody demands performance-centric mobile apps. If there’s any lag or delay in opening and closing the app, it is a huge turn-off for more than 90% of users. Even Google reports suggest that nearly 70% of users will prefer using another app of a different brand if the existing one is slow. Ensure you follow best coding practices, improve the app’s loading time, optimize images, reduce memory usage, and more. Remember that even a small delay of 1 to 3 seconds could be a deciding factor among your audience.

Element #4: Comprehensive Testing

If you are planning for iOS app development, then you cannot overlook the testing aspect. Neglecting this aspect may not only cost you customers but also crash your app when multiple users use your app. Crashes are the prime reasons behind failed or no testing at all. If the app crashes, then a user will not hesitate to write a negative Google Review. Ensure you regularly test your app at each app development phase to avoid running into mistakes later. Additionally, try to test your app across multiple devices, networks, and screens.

Element #5: Prioritize Security

Since cybercrime is mushrooming, the need for mobile app security is the need of the hour. All apps collect customers’ sensitive information like their address, bank details, credit card information, and more. Any security breach will leak the customer’s private information to fraudsters. To protect your iOS app from attacks, ensure you use proper encryption for data storing and sharing. Furthermore, if you don’t have time, hire an iOS app development company to keep libraries and SDKs updated.

Element #6: Marketing is Key

Even if your app is beautiful and completely secure, it’s of no use when no one is aware of it. This is where the importance of marketing comes in! Even as per the surveys conducted, marketing is considered quite challenging for many app developers. If you want to ace the marketing aspect, don’t forget to leverage marketing methods such as;

  • Landing Page Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Marketing (PPC Campaigns & Social Media Ads)
  • App Store Optimization

Implementing these tactics will ensure you can promote your app via paid and organic marketing. Then, it will help you fetch tangible business results.

Element #7: Choose the Right Monetization Method

Just ask yourself- Why are so focused on building an app? Well, the simple answer lies in “Earning Profit”. Thus, you should embrace the right monetization strategy. Some of the notable techniques may include in-app purchases, advertisements, subscriptions, APIs, and more. Furthermore, there’s another model, i.e., “Freemium” that allows you to offer your app for free and then upsell additional features via subscriptions.

No matter what monetization method you choose, consider your audience, app type, app offerings, structure, and more.

Element #8: Unmatched User Support

You built your app, great! But if you want your users to enjoy continuous and lag-free usage, user support is inevitable! When a user raises a query on the app, their queries must be instantly resolved. Thus, it will result in happy and loyal customers. With such robust customer support, you as a business can enjoy higher engagement, referrals, retention, positive reviews, and more. Additionally, try to keep the interaction as humanly as possible.

Element #9: Check on Updates

Once your app has been built with robust customer support, always check on the app’s updates. This is where the difference between successful and unsuccessful apps lies! To make your app successful, always keep an eye on major updates, bug fixes, and new features. Therefore, it will facilitate enhanced user experience and performance. In addition to online releases, try to update your app based on user feedback, KPIs, and analytics reports.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Now you might have understood what it takes to build a solid iOS mobile app! Whether you want to attract a target audience or generate substantial profit, considering these elements is essential!

However, building an iOS app isn’t a cakewalk. If you don’t have enough time or experience, you might run into mistakes later. Thus, hiring an iOS app development company is of utmost importance in such cases!

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