Key Considerations Before Using Electric Vehicles In Mines

The mining industry has a significant impact on the environment. Electric Vehicles are being introduced to the mien industry to make the system even more sustainable. Now, the question arises: is using EVs down there safe? According to the experts, they are. These green vehicles have plenty of safe operational benefits. 

Battery-driven electric vehicles may reduce greenhouse gas emission, but some safety measure is much needed. So, before jumping to implement this, you should be aware of the essential considerations. This article will discuss the critical considerations of implementing Electric Vehicles. So, let’s continue reading to find out the crucial factors. 

Considerations Before Using Electric Vehicles In Mines

Improvement of Air Quality: 

The major problem regarding the mine works is the bad air quality which results in the deteriorated health condition of the workers. In that case, electric vehicles have the advantage of creating less pollution, thus improving air quality. 

Since no diesel is used here, the diesel particulate matter can be eliminated. Moreover, EVs require fewer underground mining ventilation systems than conventional diesel engines. All these plus points are making it miners’ favorite nowadays. 

Uphill Battle: 

The battery performance is the central struggle of using EVs in mine. There is a limitation, and it can be a factor in the mining industry. Though this is not an issue for all the mines, if there is, the trouble is confirmed. If a project requires plenty of uphill trucking, the battery may get exhausted in the middle, and there is nothing to do with it. 

Charging Provisions: 

Batteries will need a charge, and there is no exception for the EVs used in mines. EVs will require to be charged multiple times a day. You must keep more than one charging station available and skillfully place it in the required positions. n some mines, a vehicle needs to go very long distances. 

You have to be prepared for that. Apart from that, a quick battery swap is also possible. If you keep one charged battery ready, you can replace that with the existing one. 

Battery Life and Maintenance: 

Before replacing the entire diesel-driven vehicle system for your mine with EVs, check for the battery life apart from the performance. Some companies come with a two-year-warranty policy, and some with less. 

First, decide which is cost-effective. Investing very frequently in batteries will not be a very good idea. Also, ask the manufacturer about the maintenance of the battery so that it can last longer. 


To make the world greener, we must take active steps. If you are willing to upgrade to EVs for mine, you will need to supply many of them in one go. Currency, very few companies like Mechvac Engineering are producing this type of EV. You maybe are looking for a specific vehicle with a certain capacity. So, make sure they are available on the market. 

Bottom Line

A revolution will take time if we are not accelerating it. Hope this article helped you understand the important considerations before switching to electric vehicles in the mining industry. Otherwise, you can surely visit the website of Mechvac Engineering