Key Benefits of Integrating Live Chat with Your Website

What does the customer want?

It’s probably the most intriguing question for any business. From time immemorial, a lot of energy and effort are focused on tackling this mirage.

By the time you have figured it out and got ready to deliver it, everything we knew about the customer would have changed. Businesses have grappled with this challenge in eternity.

Customer expectations have never found a place to settle, and they have rapidly changed over the past many years with soaring technological innovations and dynamic business practices.

Immediate customer support is one key trend that is crucial for businesses to meet customer expectations. Customers want to talk with your brand in real-time. Live chat makes this possible.

Live chat can do much more than quick, real-time responses. It enhances customer satisfaction, builds relationships and increases conversions.

Integrating live chat tool services with your website is one of the most significant ways of staying relevant and competitive in today’s market. Some of its key benefits are:

Customer convenience

Live chat is a powerful communication channel that enables the customer to talk to you whenever they want. It’s just unlike any other kind of available customer support. Your website visitors can initiate a chat with a click from anywhere on any device. They can keep up the conversation while working, checking their email or even gorging on baked dinner. Live chat is a fine customer service platform that fits into their lifestyle.

The live chat tool services allow the customers to reach you at the exact moment they have questions or problems they can’t solve. It feels much better than emailing or calling a support team.

For a customer, the greatest convenience is the knowledge that quick customer service is available. The customer need not talk right then and there, but you being available helps to build trust with your brand.

Lesser cost

For most businesses, customer support can be expensive. Call centres handle phone and email requests, but only one at a time. Can you imagine answering two phone calls at once?! Live chat changes it all.

It is estimated that live chat is a low-cost alternative to the telephone as a service channel. A live chat session could be around 30% cheaper than a phone call. Also, live chat agents can engage in as many as six simultaneous chats.

Being able to handle several chat windows at once means you will need only a smaller team to handle the customer support thus cutting your cost down.

Increased conversion rate

Forrester studies reveal that live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and a 40% increase in conversion rate. When your customers’ questions are dealt with in real-time, they tend to feel confident in their purchases. Live chat empowers the customers to immediately talk to someone when they have a question and seek clarification.

This brings a lot of satisfaction and confidence in the purchase thus stopping the customer from leaving the website. This brings down the bounce rate on your site drastically.

To sum it up, live chat tool services is a great way to bring visitors back to your website which increase conversions and ultimately sales.

Customer insights

It’s common knowledge that deeply understanding your customer is key to business growth. Through live chat tool services, you are in an advantageous position of talking to your customers when they need you the most. This lets you know your customers better.

Live chat history provides valuable data on customer behaviour, motivation and other details such as location to help you with targeted marketing and support. It also gives you the opportunity to ask your potential customers relevant questions and get their feedback on your products and services. This helps you figure out the best sales approach.

The customer data from live chat will allow you to recognise the customer’s context immediately and answer their questions quickly. The chat agent will also be able to suggest alternative options that are relevant for the customer.

Enhanced quality

In order to survive in the highly competitive markets, businesses constantly look for ways to improve their products and services. There’s usually a lot of spending involved in research and development to achieve continuous improvement. Live chat, however, offers a shortcut in gathering significant data to lead quality improvement.

When you talk directly to the audience, you know more about what they want, their expectations, their pain points and what your brand is lacking in terms of satisfying their needs. This goldmine of data is crucial to any continuous improvement efforts and you get them quickly in real-time for a fraction of the research budget.

Live chat is a brilliant way to build long-term relationships with your customers. When you listen to your customers and solve their problems, bonds are formed and loyalty is born.

After a positive initial customer service experience, it is most likely that the customers fall in love with your brand and make multiple purchases. By providing superior customer support through live chat on their first visit, and you are most likely to get a customer for life.

Get ahead of your competition, integrate the live chat tool services with your website and watch your sales grow.