9 Key Areas To Cover While Creating An Investor Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck is a document/slides/presentation that is made for seeking investments, a particular round of funding. Creating a pitch deck is not tough, but you should get it right and precise. A typical pitch deck is not more than 19 slides. 


A powerful pitch deck that has a high probability to get funding for you will be: Clear and simple, compelling, and easy to act on. 


You should go for two types of pitch deck designs


1. When you’re delivering the pitch in person, the deck should be more graphical with less text, you should be the one with words. 


2. When you’re emailing the pitch deck, the pitch deck design should be word-heavy and be explanatory so that the potential investor doesn’t miss a beat. 


The key areas your business pitch template should cover are: 


1. Problem: The first slide will state the problem and what is the start-up doing to solve the given problem. The problem needs some urgency around it, with a solution that would make life much easier. The main focus should be on one problem. Your investor will be highly involved if he’s familiar with the problem, or if he has been working in the same domain, or if he can see a clear ROI out of it. 


2. Solution: The solution is the key; it should make sense and be relayed in simple words. Tech start-ups are expected to be scalable. A scalable company can tweak up its operations as the demand grows for their product/services. Scalability is also a factor of timing. At the right time, a company can scale much faster, for e.g. when the competition has not risen up, it is much easier to scale.  


3. Product: Showcase what you’re selling, explain it concisely, show happy customers. Add some screenshots of your working product.


4. Traction:  This slide shows your month over month growth, investors would like to see a graph curving upwards but it’s difficult to promise absolute growth. A 10% growth month over a month may easily be expected but it’s not easy to achieve, the cumulative growth over the year adds up to a lot. 


5. Competition: If you plan to showcase your competition in your pitch deck design, make sure you benchmark and scrutinize everything in that business ecosystem. You’d need to differentiate yourself and show the unique value proposition that your business has. You can also show how much investment the competitors have raised until now so that the investors can estimate the market segments and how people are behaving to this particular line of business. 


6. Market: The market determines how can an exit looks like down the lane. Nothing will sway an investor more than solid numbers. Investors always want to score big; they want 10x returns in 5 to 7 years. They are looking for more than billion-dollar market disruptors. 


7. Team: It’s easy to come up with ideas, but the execution part is a whole another level. That’s the real challenge. An investor can judge the execution part through your team credentials. Graduates from top universities will always add credibility to your business and make much more sense to the investors. The team may not have been to the best colleges; you can also showcase the team’s significant achievements in your investor’s pitch deck.


8. Financials: Your financial sheets, plans, and growth over the years, projected growth in the coming years, the financials are very important to the investors. At first, they’ll start calculating in their heads is how much your business valuation lies close to their estimate. It’s great if you have good negotiation skills and explain why you are worth that much amount of dollars.


9. They’ll be looking at your projected growth for the next two to three years. And as the subsequent month’s pass, they’ll be monitoring the progress. So never overestimate your projected revenue. 


If you follow all these points, you can create a highly convincing pitch deck, it’s advised that you pick each point and condense it to relevant slides.


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